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Social Selling

Social selling is a reference to social media. Specifically, it impacts the way social media is used in the sales and lead generation process. Businesses can use social selling by creating appropriate social media content, which can inspire more customers to purchase products. Social selling is typically used by marketing or sales departments and, depending on the type of content and number of platforms, it may require extensive, company-wide coordination. Social selling usually has three specific aspects: positively engaging prospects, building relationships, and moving prospects through a sales funnel.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Social Selling

Social selling can be very beneficial for small businesses. There are many types of social selling in which businesses can engage. For example, small businesses can build one-on-one relationships with customers. This can allow for the exchange of information, better communication, and answering questions. Information about products can be created in such a way that it inspires more people to make purchases.

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