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DPU (Defects Per Unit)

A defect is anything outside the given specifications of a product or service. This could be an app that’s not fit for purpose or a crack in a piece of equipment. It could also be a product that's not delivered in the promised timeframe. Defects per unit (DPU) is a metric used to define how often these defects occur. It calculates the number of defective product or service units an organization produces. For instance, if a business produces 100 e-books, of which 10 have typos, the DPU is 0.1 (10/100). DPU is normally expressed as a decimal.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About DPU (Defects Per Unit)

DPU is an effective metric for SMBs to measure how effective their manufacturing or production processes are. By carefully monitoring the number of defects in their products or services, SMBs can fine-tune their production processes and methods to get their DPU as low as possible.

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