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Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio-frequency identification (or RFID) is a technology that uses radio frequency waves to automate data collection. It is included in a group of technologies known as Automatic Identification and Capture (AIDC) and is comparable to the way that barcodes (when scanned with an optical scanner) are able to retrieve information. With RFID, however, the data is embedded into the tag or smart label along with a circuit and an antenna. RFID tags are commonly used in retail to better manage inventory and deter theft.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)

For most SMBs, RFID is a technology that hasn’t been widely adopted, as most still make use of the less expensive and more widely accepted barcode technology. This will likely change in the future as more enterprise level suppliers and vendors require the use of RFID labels.

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