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FHMA (Frequency-hopping Multiple Access)

Frequency-hopping Multiple Access (FHMA) is known as spread-spectrum transmission, a technology that allows data and voice communications to simultaneously share the same communication medium. FHMA works by transmitting and receiving stations by changing the frequency rapidly in a semi-random sequence among many separate and distinct radio channels. The transceivers are synchronized with a "hopping sequence" that comes from an algorithm, one that can be changed to avoid interference and other transmissions from the frequency band.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About FHMA (Frequency-hopping Multiple Access)

SMBs benefit from FHMAs because they prevent disruption in communications and are energy-efficient and cost-effective.  They do not need separate modes of transmission for data and voice and multiple strong users on the transmission side do not adversely affect FHMA performance.

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