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This complex-sounding term actually denotes a standardized approach for dealing with certain types of local area networks (LANs). In any network, it’s desirable to use as little power as possible. 6LoWPAN aims to improve the internet of things (IoT) by reducing the power cost across LANs. This means any short-range connections between devices, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. 6LoWPAN makes it possible for more devices, and smaller devices than ever, to connect to networks and the world wide web. Many devices that employ 6LoWPAN include digital assistants and smart thermostats.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About 6LoWPAN

SMBs can employ 6LoWPAN networks for various reasons, but the main reason is the relatively low power consumption of these networks, which allows to cut costs and save energy. This could even help SMBs meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets.

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