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3.5G refers to a telecommunications speed that is between 3G and 4G, which came from technological improvements. These improvements allowed for faster download speed and lower latency. It is also known as High-Speed Downlink Packet Access. The speed of 3.5G offers a marked improvement over 3G, but it fails to meet the new network requirements for a 4G system. Furthermore, new infrastructure is not necessary to deploy 3.5G phones or internet-capable devices.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About 3.5G

3.5G is available in many communities, and while the use of 3G is fading out, that is not the case for 3.5G. If a business is in an area with lower internet connections, it may be operating on a 3.5G connection. This access works for many types of small businesses. However, businesses that need more reliable internet speeds will not find 3.5G sufficient for their needs.

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