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Web-oriented Architecture (WOA)

WOA develops applications for the internet and is a "substyle" of service-oriented architecture (SOA). WOA develops applications in the following ways: 1. It identifies resources. (For example, WOA uses a uniform resource identifier, or URI, to identify web pages.) 2. It manipulates resources through representations. (WOA can use HTTP to retrieve communication data.) 3. It can use Multipurpose Internet Messaging Extensions, or MIME, to make messages "self-descriptive" so the client can find data. 4. It can use hyperlinks to separate a client from a URI structure. 5. It keeps applications neutral.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Web-oriented Architecture (WOA)

With WOA, internet users access applications on the web instead of a computer, allowing easy access to services from any location or smart device. SMBs might want to adopt this model to provide web-based services to customers, improve accessibility across devices, and increase service scalability.

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