Certero for SaaS

Certero for SaaS

What Is Certero for SaaS?

Enterprise-level SaaS Optimization Solution from a leading ITAM, SAM & Cloud Asset Management vendor.

Certero for SaaS provides clear 'dashboard' visibility of expanding SaaS subscriptions, so you can see all your costs and identify unused and under-utilized subscriptions to eliminate Over-Spend with ease.
Covers O365, G-Suite, Adobe, Salesforce +many more...

Part of the Certero Unified Platform for ITAM, SAM & Cloud Asset Management, Certero provides big-picture technology value optimization.

Who Uses Certero for SaaS?

For organizations with 1,000 users up to global Enterprises. Certero is ISO27001 Certified for Security, highly scalable & customers report the highest levels of satisfaction & support in the industry

Certero for SaaS Software - O365 usage, cost & potential for optimization dashboard. Easily customize & share dashboards, with near-infinite reporting options and the ability to drill-down into underlying data, so evidence is never far away from the reports, maintained in real-time.
Certero for SaaS Software - Adobe Creative Cloud dashboard in dark-mode. Themes are customizable, so you could adopt corporate branding if desired. Reports are intuitive, so pre-canned reports aren't required - users can ask questions and get answers directly.
Certero for SaaS Software - Certero for SaaS: Salesfocre.com dashboard