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Federated Application Life Cycle Management (FALM)

Federated application life cycle management (FALM; also known as federated ALM) is a federated architecture approach that deals with multiple phases in an application life cycle, from the first stage of development to its final release. Federated architecture is a type of architecture that integrates decentralized and autonomous systems and processes. The components can still operate autonomously but also have integration between them. This approach helps avoid the possibility of information becoming isolated and therefore useless.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Federated Application Life Cycle Management (FALM)

FALM is important for SMBs because it allows them to understand and refine every stage of an application's life cycle. Developers can use FALM to collaborate with other teams involved with an application as a means of reducing labor-intensive work. Using FALM makes it easier to customize the process/workflow of developing, integrating, and/or maintaining an application.

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