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There are two possible contexts in the digital world where the term “shrink-wrapped” is used. Shrink-wrapped software may refer to one application or several bundled together, usually non-bespoke and not customized for the business in any way. It can also mean that the software license has not been “signed” yet. In most cases, this means that a company needs to use a code or digital form to register the software to themselves. Another term for this is “click-wrapped.” These meanings mirror the definition of shrink-wrapping outside the digital world, in which items are carefully and tightly packaged, often to ensure they're kept separate from other items.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Shrink-wrapped

When shopping for software, small businesses may find fewer and fewer shrink-wrapped options as third parties and cloud-based services are becoming more focused on creating bespoke packages for businesses instead.

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