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DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite)

A direct broadcast satellite (DBS) is a type of geostationary satellite that can be used to transmit radio and TV programs. It is similar to a fixed-service satellite (FSS), but it offers higher power output, requiring smaller antennas to receive the signal. DBS services typically offer digital programming, digital audio services, and, increasingly, high-definition TV (HDTV).

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About DBS (Direct Broadcast Satellite)

As a form of direct broadcast, DBS uses satellites to deliver signals directly to viewers. The transmission takes place in the Ku band at frequencies around 12 gigahertz. An antenna around 18 inches in diameter is required to capture these high frequencies. More than 100 programs are available over just one DBS service, but since each service isn't compatible with another, separate equipment is needed for each service, and the antenna must be carefully aimed at a specific satellite.

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