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Self-service Analytics

Self-service analytics is a form of business intelligence that allows business professionals to analyze data and generate data reports even if they don't have advanced data analysis knowledge. Self-service analytics requires little IT support, enabling business professionals to identify patterns and trends in data without the help of data engineers or data scientists. It involves simple business intelligence tools with basic analytic functions so there's no complicated code or programming required. It might also use simplified or scaled-down data models that make it easier to access and analyze data within an organization. For example, self-service analytics lets a manager in a retail company generate simple sales reports without having to use sophisticated tools and analytical techniques.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Self-service Analytics

SMBs might use self-service analytics because, unlike larger companies, they can't always afford extensive IT support staff or data engineers. Self-service analytics allows them to identify data patterns and trends without investing in additional staff and resources.

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