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Community Cloud

In computing, a community cloud is a modified or hybrid variant of a private cloud. It is a multi-tenant virtual technology platform that enables a few limited organizations from one particular community, like the banking sector, with a common agenda and common concerns to work collaboratively on a shared platform, with shared resources and infrastructure. The community may share common regulatory and operational requirements. A third-party cloud services provider could host a community cloud. It is hosted in a data center and can be off-site or on-site. Community clouds are relatively newer than other cloud models like private, public, or hybrid clouds. With online working becoming popular during the pandemic, community clouds have gained popularity.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Community Cloud

Private clouds can be expensive, and strict industry regulations govern public clouds. Community clouds are less expensive and therefore can be a good fit for a small business with limited funds. Community clouds can also be tailored to the particular SMB community's needs.

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