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Information Life Cycle Management (ILM)

ILM, sometimes referred to as data lifecycle management, is a modern approach to managing ever-transforming data. It uses enterprise policies to determine how data is managed, and as data policies and regulations change, so does the way the data is treated. ILM can determine when data is archived, deleted, utilized, analyzed and what sort of storage requirements will keep the particular type of data compliant with corporate, government, and industry requirements.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Information Life Cycle Management (ILM)

ILM is a popular way to think about data management for all sizes of business. This is because it’s applied to all forms of data. The more robust a business's data policies and procedures, the more ILM works as a concept. ILM also helps small businesses create an effective, company-wide data policy from the inception of the business.

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