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ISP (Internet Service Provider)

An ISP (or Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides internet services to residential or commercial venues. Typically, the ISP enters into a contract with the individual or organization and requires a monthly payment for providing internet services. The ISP usually provides a modem and router (although these can be purchased separately), and the signal is transmitted to these devices to allow users to connect to the internet. They may also provide additional services such as email accounts or anti-virus software.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About ISP (Internet Service Provider)

All SMBs in today’s age typically have an ISP that provides them with internet access at the location in which they conduct business. This may be reserved solely for use by employees in an office building, or it can be shared by customers and employees, as is common in businesses such as hotels. While all ISPs provide some form of internet access, they do provide different types of internet connections. For instance, some may provide dial-up services while others offer satellite, cable, DSL, or wireless connections.

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