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Data Warehouse

A data warehouse stores data in a central place so businesses can analyze that data. It holds data from various places, such as: -Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms -Transaction systems -Operational data stores -Other databases To get information into a data warehouse, data is first extracted from its source. Then, it's transformed into the correct format to analyze. Finally, it's loaded into the data warehouse. SMBs can then compare and analyze the uploaded data via business intelligence (BI) tools for better problem-solving and decision-making.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Data Warehouse

SMBs in all industries might use a data warehouse to store data from multiple sources in one system. These organizations can then: -Store data in the same format, which improves data accuracy -Generate data insights about sales, marketing, and customer service processes and other day-to-day functions -Use these insights to improve customer service, boost revenue, create more effective marketing campaigns, etc.

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