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Softswitches are part of telecommunications networks and connect telephone calls without a physical switch. To do so, they connect to a server that runs an application and a media gateway that link to an IP, a PSTN, or an ATM network. This technology can support multiple telecommunications protocols, transfer calls to another network element, and generate intelligence that controls connections for a native IP endpoint or media gateway. A softswitch is also known as a call server, a call agent, or an MGC. In a mobile network, it is known as a mobile switching center (MSC).

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Softswitches

SMBs can use softswitches as an alternative to traditional physical switches. A softswitch is more scalable and cost-effective than a physical switch because it doesn't require additional hardware. It can also be effective for routing, reporting, and monitoring calls within an organization.

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