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Hexnode MDM provides a perfect lockdown mechanism for its customers via the Android kiosk. The devices can be set in either single or multi-app kiosk mode. Setting up a device in single app kiosk mode allows users to access only a single app whereas multi-app kiosk mode whitelists a group of essential apps thus blocking all others. A list of peripheral settings provides functionalities not limited to locking hardware or software keys, allowing users to control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and flashlight. Learn more about Hexnode MDM Lockdown any tablet or smartphone into kiosk mode using Hexnode MDM. Learn more about Hexnode MDM
KioWare for Android is fully customizable kiosk software with a product line ranging from basic browser-lockdown to server-based remote monitoring. KioWare for Android can secure your tablet into a single app, multiple applications, website content, digital signage, and more. KioWare for Android is free to try and easy to setup using the Guided Setup tool. Kiosk Management options range from self hosted and KioWare hosted options (KioWare Server & KioCloud). Free fully functioning trial. Learn more about KioWare Kiosk Software KioWare for Android secures your tablet into a purposed device or kiosk and can also provide kiosk management from a central server. Learn more about KioWare Kiosk Software
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VISO streamlines the implementation of multi app kiosk mode by switching devices to encapsulated environments with predetermined functionality and device look and feel, locking down external ports, hardware elements and applications, and preventing user interaction, except whitelisted applications and relevant hardware elements. You can manage multiple kiosk mode devices centrally, monitor activities, collect reports and implement policy and security measures. Learn more about VISO Device Management (MDM/EMM) VISO makes your devices mission-oriented, optimally configured and locked down to a secured kiosk mode, preventing unwanted operations. Learn more about VISO Device Management (MDM/EMM)
NoviSign is known for RELIABILITY & EASE OF USE! Includes over 20 drag and drop widgets; HD videos, dynamic slideshows, weather, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, virtual queue, website integration, interactive polls and more. NoviSign also includes a complete real-time monitoring dashboard for easy tracking of screens/media players. Proof play reports, live online connectivity, and more. Price starts at on $20/month and includes full support and training. Runs on Chrome OS, Android, & Windows! Learn more about NoviSign Digital Signage Feature rich and easy to use NoviSign is a Saas-based digital signage software that runs on Chrome OS, Android and Windows. Learn more about NoviSign Digital Signage
ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that gives enterprises the ability to harness the power of mobility. Improve employee productivity without compromising on enterprise security with features like mobile device management, application management, email management and device containerization. Available as both an on premise as well as a cloud offering, MDM has been developed keeping user demands and IT security requirements in mind. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an Enterprise Mobile Device Management software to manage your iOS, Android & Windows device
Scalefusion - Kiosk Lockdown Software helps you to manage your enterprise Android, iOS, macOS & Windows 10 devices by turning them into kiosk mode. It allows organizations to secure and manage Android, iOS and Windows 10 based endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages. Centralizes the control & management of Android, iOS, macOS & Windows 10 devices by locking them into Kiosk Lockdown Mode.
Clearwave is the premiere self-service check-in solution for the medical industry. Clearwave enables fast, flexible and effective patient check-in experiences while improving practice economics and performance. With proven ROI and real-time eligibility verification, Clearwave provides healthcare practices with a comprehensive check-in solution, available on kiosk, tablet or mobile to improve insurance verification, increase revenue collections, reduce denied claims and improve data access. Check patient insurance eligibility in real-time and streamline patient check-in with our software for kiosk, tablet and mobile.
Create multi-touch presentations in just minutes. - Upload 100s of your HD Pics, Videos, and Text. Advanced UI/UX, custom look and feel. - No Coding Required! Create a project in no time - Compatible with any Windows based touch devices Ideal for large format touch display Video Walls, interactive kiosk, touch tables and tablets Compatible with Microsoft Surface for mobile presentations Rental solutions for both Coffee Table and Presenter Table Create interactive experiences that extend well beyond standard touch monitor sizes - Capture valuable information and generate leads
On-premise kiosk solution that enables photo booth operators to upload photos or videos, add overlays, remove green screens, and more. On-premise kiosk solution that enables photo booth operators to upload photos or videos, add overlays, remove green screens, and more.
SiteKiosk Software locks down and secures Windows computers, kiosks, Android tablets and interactive displays in public locations. Features include: Customizable start-screen templates, browser skins, internet content filter, Cloud- based remote content management, device monitoring and alert system. Our turnkey, easy-to-use and scalable software products are sold in more than 50 countries through offices in the U.S. and Europe. Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon Wireless, OfficeMax, Kiosk and interactive DS software for public computers and displays. Easy-to-use and scalable. Free trial & customer support.
SureLock Kiosk Lockdown solution allows corporate-owned devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, or any off-the-shelf devices to be converted into Kiosks, helping businesses save on infrastructure cost and improve productivity. Kiosk mode prevents users from running or accessing applications apart from whitelisted content visible on the screen. It will help ensure safety and security of corporate as well as personal data and devices. Lock down Android, iOS and Windows devices into Kiosk Mode. Prevent device misuse and reduce maintenance. Easy mass deployment.
Esper's Kiosk solution is a complete answer to lock down single-purpose devices and defend against real-time security risks. It improves operations with intelligent monitoring alerts, advanced telemetry, and remote diagnostics, debugging, and remediation. Esper's Kiosk Mode Software supports no-touch device enrolment, device quarantine and lockdown. It offers full remote control over touchscreen diagnostics, and the first-ever ability to detect battery, connectivity, or device status failures. Esper is the first full-stack solution for enterprise Android kiosk design, development and no-touch enrolment to streamline security.
Chimpa MDM is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices, IFPs and VRs visors because: streamlines management of iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android devices with zero-touch deployments; is an Android Enterprise validated solution and it's also completely integrated with Apple services; supports BYOD, COBO, COPE, single purpose device managements (COSU); let IT Admins to manage privacy, policies, apps/content deployment with an easy UX. Chimpa MDM is an EMM crossplatform solution that allows to manage, monitor and protect the mobile devices in schools and business.
Quid POS is built for owner-operated small businesses around the globe. Make sales transactions in multiple currencies, including crypto, using your computer or Android device - with no transaction fees. Fully customizable settings allow you to make quick transactions, easily manage inventory, and seamlessly track sales and profits. Simply integrate with popular payment processors including Paypal, Square, Stripe & Coinbase and Star Micronics hardware. Core plan with Add-On features as you grow. Quid POS is a cloud-based point of sale system on Android & web for independent merchants to easily manage, automate & grow their shop.
Kiosk software solution that allows you to lock down devices and run only a single application even if the device is rebooted. Push update remotely at once to all devices. Track your devices in real time and set a limit with Geofencing. Kiosk software solution that allows you to lock down devices and run only a single application even if the device is rebooted.
SignStream.net is the only digital signage platform that puts businesses in total control of both their own screens and their ads on screens throughout the city. Our mission-driven approach delivered a simple, scalable solution that we continue to enhance. Set up your channel and download our smart channel viewer app or use your browser display it in unlimited locations. Our full-service team can assist with content creation, templates, tech support, cross-marketing, and hardware procurement. Full control of your custom channel on unlimited screens in your business locations and your updated ads in other business locations
Applova Inc., based in Silicon Valley, specializes in ordering & engagement technologies for restaurants and retail businesses. With a portfolio of self-order kiosks, online storefronts, and mobile order-ahead solutions, Applova empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Out of the box, solutions come integrated to payment gateways, POS terminals, and eCommerce platforms with no coding required. Increase your restaurant efficiency, revenue, and loyalty with our customer-facing, interactive ordering solutions~ Mobile & Kiosks
The way that people order and pay is changing; we now live in an on-demand world. TRAY provides a comprehensive solution that enables service on-demand for merchants. Our product suite includes self-order kiosks, a cloud-based point of sale, online ordering, mobile app ordering, third-party delivery integration, electronic waivers, party booking, and handheld devices, allowing guests to order what they want, how they want. TRAY is a comprehensive solution that enables service on demand for Amusement Parks, Family Entertainment Centers, and Restaurants.
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Turn your Android or iOS tablet into a kiosk that showcases your videos, images, other web-based content, or website. Restrict browsing to approved sites and measure performance/usage. Built-in remote management functionality allows you to update, secure and control every device from afar. Fully customize your logo, color, navigation bars, other layout options, and more. Keep your user's sensitive data safe after each interaction by clearing cache, cookies, or saved data. Turn your Android or iOS tablet into a kiosk that showcases your videos, images, other web-based content, or website.
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Convert your Android devices into kiosks or digital signage stations. Limited functionality free version and pro version are available. Convert your Android devices into kiosks or digital signage stations. Limited functionality free version and pro version are available.
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DWall.Online - anything on any screen. DWall.Online is a cloud-based user-friendly solution for remote media content management (Digital Signage). Supported devices: Professional Displays and TV (Tizen / Android); Tablets and Smartphones (Android); Media players (Android). DWall.Online - nothing extra - simply devices connection, fast content uploading, convenient scheduling. DWall.Online - no limit of devices connected to one account. Professional support and flexible pricing. DWall.Online digital signage cloud-based user-friendly simple unique solution for remote media content management.
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CipherKiosk, CipherHealth's point-of-care survey technology, empowers healthcare organizations to effectively capture real-time feedback on patient experiences to drive enhanced service and care improvements. With CipherKiosk, healthcare organizations uncover improvement opportunities and enhance issue resolution at the point of care.
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Abitari isan affordable and easy-to-use fully customizable check-in kiosk software for Hotels. No programming skills are needed and you can turn any Android tablet into a Kiosk. It will eliminate check-in queues and will improve customer satisfaction. It is cloud-hosted, subscription-based and 90% cheaper than other solutions in the market. Abitari is an affordable and easy-to-use check-in kiosk software for Hotels. You can turn any Android tablet into a kiosk.