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The Blink Team Communications Platform & App combines workplace messaging, internal feed, and cloud storage, all on your branded portal. Voted best in 2019 industry awards in Chicago, London, and Sydney, Blink lets IT & HR Teams connect their deskless and remote people to their tasks and each other with news, videos, posts, polls, digital forms and more. Get your free demo today or start a free 14 day trial - no credit card required! Learn more about Blink Voted #1 Team Comms Tool, Blink combines a company feed, chat, polls, & document storage in your branded portal! Learn more about Blink
All your Team communications secured and organized into one easy-to-use tool. Trust Wire Pro, the most secure collaboration platform with servers in the EU and engineered in Germany. GDPR-compliant! Wire Pro is the only collaboration platform where everything is secured with end-to-end encryption: chats, conference calls, and shared documents. It´s designed for those that require the highest level of security without compromising usability. Learn more about Wire Wire Pro is the most secure collaboration platform with servers in the EU and engineered in Germany. GDPR-compliant and user-friendly. Learn more about Wire
Pexip enables enterprises and organizations of any size to deploy and use video-based communication and collaboration. The company's portfolio of products ranges from self-hosted software to cloud service video solutions. Pexip provides seamless collaboration between previously incompatible video and audio technologies such as professional video conferencing systems, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, and WebRTC. Learn more about Pexip A scalable, cloud-native meeting platform that enables users to seamlessly collaborate across any platform. Learn more about Pexip
Stop wasting time reporting status updates in video calls. Range helps help you build a cadence of communication so every team members stays in sync with fewer meetings. Keep your team connected and up-to-date no matter where they're working from so they can get more done. Learn more about Range Range helps help you build a cadence of communication so every team members stays in sync with fewer meetings. Learn more about Range
Enhance team communication quickly and easily with MyHubs cloud-based intranet software. Whether you are looking for an intranet for small business or a corporate we cater for all company sizes. MyHub is a low-cost intranet solution that provides an out of the box intranet with a range of powerful business tools designed to improve internal communications and employee engagement. Such as staff directory, profiles, secure login, mobile friendly, document/file storage, blogs, forums, custom pages. Learn more about MyHub Create your perfect intranet quickly and easily with MyHubs low-cost, cloud-based intranet, complete with powerful business tools. Learn more about MyHub
Wrike is a cloud-based team communication software trusted by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Streamline your team communication using in-task discussion, shared workflows, custom request forms with auto-assignment, performance reports, and resource management, and workload overviews. Optimize your team communication with Wrike's 400+ integrations. Customize your team's workflows to see progress at every step, and increase your on-time delivery with Wrike. Work smarter, not harder. Learn more about Wrike Wrike is a cloud-based team communication software with in-task discussions, file management, shared workflows, reports, and more. Learn more about Wrike
Front is the team communication software that makes it easy for teams to share information, collaborate, and respond faster to customers. Front helps you manage team addresses like [email protected] or [email protected] with more transparency and accountability. With Front's shared inboxes, teams can access all incoming messages in a single place to assign, triage, respond, and follow their progress together. Learn more about Front Front is the team communication software that makes it easy to share information, collaborate, and respond faster to customers. Learn more about Front
ClickUp is a beautifully simple and intuitive platform for managing every project imaginable. ClickUp's core purpose is to remove the frustrations, inefficiencies, and disconnect caused by the current project management ecosystem. Perfect for those who find other project management platforms either too simple, or too complex. ClickUp's exceptional design and user experience echo what Slack did for communication. Learn more about ClickUp ClickUp is the future of work - it's one app to replace them all. ClickUp is the #1 fastest growing productivity app in 2020. Learn more about ClickUp
When I Work is the easiest way for businesses to schedule and communicate with their hourly employees. Put the schedule and time clock in everyone's pocket. Schedule on-the-go with free apps for iPhone and Android. Save yourself time and money with simple employee scheduling tools. When I Work is helping schedule over 1 million people around the world. When I Work is free for up to 75 employees, and flexible plans start at $1.50/month. Learn more about When I Work The easy way to schedule and communicate with your employees. Save time and improve accountability. Free for up to 75 employees. Learn more about When I Work
Team communication and collaboration is essential to success of any organization. And with 25+ free team collaboration tools, Bitrix24 is exactly what you need. The cloud version is free for unlimited users and if you want to buy on premise software editions of Bitrix24, you get source code and a contact management system. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 #1 free team communication platform. Used by over 4 million teams worldwide. Chat, video, documents, calendars, tasks, project Learn more about Bitrix24
productboard is the product management system that aligns everyone on the right features to build next. Designed on the Product Excellence methodology, it is used by modern, customer-driven organizations like Zendesk, UiPath, Avast, and Envoy. With its customizable boards, productboard offers the right balance of guidance and flexibility to help product teams understand what users really need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap. Learn more about productboard Teams use productboard to harness inputs from colleagues across the organization and use them to make better decisions. Learn more about productboard
Beekeeper is an award-winning team communication platform designed to make daily work life easier for frontline employees. The Swiss-engineered software is ideal for any internal communication including corporate, department, and 1:1 communication. The mobile-first platform allows teams to instantly connect across languages, shifts, and locations for real-time communication any time, anywhere. Learn more about Beekeeper The #1 mobile-first team communication platform used for reaching and connecting every individual in an organization. Learn more about Beekeeper
Meet Jostle, a tool that aligns communication and causes conversation up, down, and across organizations. Why? Because today's workplaces are more fragmented than ever: people are dispersed, there is more info, and more ways to communicate. Working together feels chaotic and painful. Many tools promise to solve this, but fail. The way they're designed means they get noisy with communication and finding information becomes a headache. So we built a better way. Learn more about Jostle Jostle is the only intranet designed to simplify life, and keep it simple as you grow-so your people and your organization can flourish Learn more about Jostle
Polymail is an email app for productivity with tools for outreach, tracking, and team collaboration. Highlight of Polymail's top features: - Email tracking (open, click, and attachment tracking) - Campaigns (mail merge) - Follow Up Reminders - Message Templates - Calendar Integration - Contact Enrichment - Scheduled Sending Polymail is available on macOS, Windows, Web, and iOS. Learn more about Polymail Polymail is an email app for productivity with tools for outreach, tracking, and team collaboration. Learn more about Polymail
Trillian is a powerful business and clinical communication platform used by companies and healthcare systems of all sizes. Whether you're a business still relying on texting or a healthcare organization that needs HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, Trillian's modern and secure business instant messaging will help modernize employee communication without compromising on security or control. Learn more about Trillian Trillian is a business and clinical communication platform used by companies and healthcare systems of all sizes. Learn more about Trillian
Employee development and engagement dont have start and stop times; its ongoing. There should be a feedback tool to match - thats what Continuous Listening provides. Always-on means you dont have to wait for predetermined events to engage or solicit feedback from employees. With Bluepulse continuous listening platform, you can share questions, thoughts, information, ideas, and more in a focused manner. Target specific business units or departments and collect responses in real-time. Learn more about Bluepulse Engagement Network Easily facilitate feedback in the moment on demand with Bluepulse, an always-on feedback channel to connect with your employees. Learn more about Bluepulse Engagement Network
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Space helps software teams work faster while remaining focused on product design and the big picture by automating common, repetitive tasks. It also serves as a platform for collaboration across the entire company, bridging the gap between creative and administrative teams, and helping teams and teammates work together better and achieve more. Learn more about Space The integrated team environment Learn more about Space
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Flujo is a communication & collaboration suite for teams. With natively built key business essentials like messaging, Audio/Video calling, Drive, Meetings, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, and Kanbans we are on a mission to create connected & productive workspaces. Learn more about Flujo Communication and Collaboration Suite for Teams. Learn more about Flujo
Slack is where team communication happens. When your team needs to kick off a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code, review a sales contract, finalize next year's budget, measure an A/B test, plan your next office opening, and more, Slack has you covered. Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.
From sales and marketing to HR and operations, teams can design and customize Trello to fit their unique needs and work styles. And with over 100+ integrations with other key tools like Google Drive, Slack, Jira and more, Trello is a living, breathing project hub of cross-team collaboration no matter where your work needs to happen. Trello brings joy to teamwork by making it transparent and easily shareable across boards and teams. A visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective for your team on any project in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.
Group chat alone isn't enough. Basecamp combines *all* the tools teams need together in one place: message boards, schedules, to-do lists, group chat, documents & file storage, and more. Instead of stuff scattered all over, everything you're working on will be in one streamlined, organized place. Everyone will know what to do. Nothing will slip through the cracks. You'll always know exactly whats going on. Trusted by millions, Basecamp puts everything you need to get work done in one place.
Google Meet is a free communication solution that allows users to stay in touch with clients and teams globally. The application works in sync with the other Google applications and allows you to present, collaborate and live stream meetings to 100,000 viewers at one time. It also comes as a Chrome extension and can be used across all devices. Communication platform that allows users to schedule video/audio calls with their teams around the world
An industry leader in team communication software, GoToMeeting is trusted by millions of people everyday for professional real-time virtual communication. GoToMeeting provides a fast, easy and reliable professional online meeting solution that enables customers to meet face to face, share presentations and chat with colleagues, all with the click of a button. GoToMeeting pairs productivity with flexibility to let employees work effectively anytime, anywhere on any device. Fast, easy and reliable online meeting software trusted by millions of people everyday for real-time virtual communication.
Each month 113 million professionals rely on Webex to collaborate and to move projects forward faster. Now teams can work with anyone from a browser, a mobile device, or a video system. Webex offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing. Keep conversations private with highly secure Webex meetings from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Meet with anyone on any desktop, browser, mobile, or video device from anywhere in the world.
Enable users to communicate through Microsoft Teams (formerly Skype for Business) chat, audio & video conversations, schedule & facilitate online meetings for internal & external users and dial-out & dial-in to online conferences. Engage users, drive adoption & optimize licensing across your Office 365 collaboration & productivity solutions. Softchoice is a Microsoft Gold Partner certified in Cloud Productivity, Collaboration, Communications, Enterprise Messaging & Mobility Management. Enable user collaboration, drive adoption and optimize licensing with Microsoft Teams and across your Office 365 solutions.
Whether your team is in the office, home, or on-the-go, monday.com, a powerful team communication software, fosters effective teamwork and improves collaboration in one central hub. Get started with one of our ready-made templates to get your team onboard quickly. Seamlessly integrate all your communication channels: Zoom, Slack, Email, Microsoft Teams and more. Share files, feedback, and ideas, @mention teammates, assign owners, give real-time progress updates, see who's doing what and when. Whether your team is in the office, home, or on-the-go, monday.com fosters effective teamwork and improves collaboration in one place.
Cloud-based messaging application that provides media exchange, data encryption, photo editing, and more. Cloud-based messaging application that provides media exchange, data encryption, photo editing, and more.
ConnectWise Control is the remote support and remote access solution perfect for teams of all sizes. Built with speed and reliability in mind, it offers remote support, unattended access, and remote meeting capabilities with scalable security features that grow alongside your needs. Easily manage sessions, customize the look and feel to match your business, and tailor your teams toolbox with everyones favorite extensions and shortcuts. Want to collaborate with other top users? You can do that, Collaborate, hold training sessions, provide project updates, & speak with customers with ConnectWise Control.
Customer service isn't one person's job. It's not even just one department so why not tackle every ticket as a team, and bring hallway conversations to your screen? Zoho Desk is a web-based customer service application that helps your company to build stronger relationships with customers by collaborating all your team of employees. Make it easier for your employees to collaborate and work on customer tickets.
Cloud-based platform that helps businesses facilitate operations via a suite of communication and productivity applications. Cloud-based platform that helps businesses facilitate operations via a suite of communication and productivity applications.
Looking for smarter communication software? Automatically assign people to FYI groups to make sure that internal announcements reach the most relevant audience. With "Mark as important", you can even boost group posts from senior execs. Not only will they hit the top of the News Feed for group members, we'll send email notifications then follow up with engagement metrics. Workplace makes business communication fast, fun and reliable, with features such as groups, live video and instant messaging.
Samepage is award-winning collaboration software with free team communication tools. Chat via text, audio, or video with your team in channels or alongside project files, tasks, diagrams, calendars, and more. Manage teams, projects, and meetings in real time from a single all-in-one collaboration platform. No hopping between separate apps to get work done. No email overload. Just streamlined communication and collaboration with your team in a single easy-to-use desktop & mobile app. Team collaboration software with free text, voice, and video chat. Communicate with your team in channels or alongside project content.
Homebase makes work easier for 100,000+ small (but mighty) businesses with everything they need to manage an hourly team, including employee scheduling, time clocks, messaging, hiring, onboarding, compliance, budgeting, and more. Homebase helps the busiest businesses save time and do less paperwork. Build schedules in minutes and instantly share them, track hours, breaks and overtime on multiple devices, keep your team in sync, and manage labor costs. Learn more at https://joinhomebase.com. Get your team in sync. Know that employees have seen their schedules and read your messages.
Steamline team communication with Flock! Email less and get more work done. From instant messaging to creating channels to integrating with your favorite external apps like Google, MailChimp, Dropbox, Jira, Trello and more - organize all your work streams with Flock. Flock is a powerful work tool that comes loaded with built-in features like Shared To-Dos, Reminders, Notes, Polls and more! Start for FREE Flock is a team communication tool that helps you get work done, only faster! Trusted by over 32,000 businesses globally.
3CX is an open standards IP PBX that offers complete Team Communications, out of the box. Suitable for any business size or industry. With 3CX your team can work efficiently from anywhere. Video conferencing, live chat, mobile apps and advanced contact center features are all included at a fraction of the cost. Choose to deploy in your private cloud account or opt for 3CX to host your PBX for you. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed a hassle-free solution. 3CX is an open standards IP PBX that offers complete Team Communications, out of the box. Suitable for any business size or industry
Highfive delivers a quality video & web conferencing that enables team collaboration & communication across your company. Recently named one of Fast Company¿s Most Innovative Companies, Highfive offers the industry's clearest audio powered by Dolby Voice. Imagine a world where meetings start on time! With Highfive, you can. We make collaboration easy with no pin codes, passwords, or dongles. improve your team communication and make every meeting face-to-face. Try it today. Highfive is an easy-to-use video conferencing solution, with audio powered by Dolby Voice. Improve team collaboration with Highfive
Make it easy to get everybody on the same page for once. Trainual helps document and organize every process, policy, and SOP for every role, and responsibility in one place, as you automate onboarding and training. Perfect for businesses with 10-500+ employees eager to document systems and processes, define step-by-step workflows, eliminate grey area between roles, and ensure that training happens consistently, every time. The easiest way to train and grow your team. Get your business out of your brain today with Trainual.
Weave's software streamlines office work into one hub. It allows companies to intuitively manage everything from client info to online business reviews. Form lasting relationships with clients through features like two-way texting and easily re-booking. The solutions we have created are so comprehensive for offices that we often hear our practices saying they don't know how they functioned without it. Our goal is to make managing your office simple, so that you can focus on what matters most. Weave is a communication platform that helps businesses connect to the people they serve.
FREE to use. Glip is a messaging and collaboration app that provides a single, unified team workspace. Using Glip, you and your team will work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before. Emails, scattered discussions, and disjointed resources are drastically reduced as teams share conversations, files, tasks, and calendars. Your teams will be more productive using their favorite devices anytime, anyplace, all within the Glip team workspace. Collaboration platform built around chat functionality (video and text) with powerful searching capabilities for easy file discovery.
Team Communication a challenge? FunctionFox provides online project management & time tracking tools that are simple to set up and extremely easy to use. Our internal project blogs, team task assignments and availability, help to keep everyone and everything in one central location. Whether working remotely or in the office, FunctionFox helps you breakdown those communication barriers and keep your team on track. Try a free demo today and see how you can centralize your teams communications. Simplify communication and keep everyone on the same page with FunctionFox's user-friendly time tracking and project management tools.
An internal communications tool allowing your message to be instantly shared through video An internal communications tool allowing your message to be instantly shared through video
Get things done faster by enabling your teams to chat and collaborate quickly in a single communication platform. Allow your team to be productive regardless of their location. Rocket.Chat is a remote-first platform that centralizes discussions, increasing business efficiency. The Leading Enterprise Communication Hub
MangoApps Team & Vendor Collaboration solution helps your employees, vendors, customers and partners to work better together. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. MangoApps Team & Vendor Collaboration solution helps your employees, vendors, customers and partners to work better together.
Mattermost provides enterprise-grade collaboration solutions for the worlds leading organizations on a vibrant open source platform. Our private, hybrid and public cloud solutions offer secure, configurable, highly scalable messaging across web, mobile and PC with archiving, search, and deep integration across in-house systems. Open source team communication platform that provides organizations with messaging and file-sharing tools for web, PCs, and mobiles.
Nifty centralizes project communication, planning, and tracking in one collaborative workspace and provides a birds-eye view across all of your projects and teammate workloads. Automate your project updates and resource insights with dynamic milestone progress based on task completion. With the best of communication, task management, roadmaps, collaborative docs, and file management in one tool, you can consolidate your workday as well as your subscriptions into one browser tab! Nifty automates project updates and resource insights with dynamic task management. A workspace with roadmaps, chat, docs, and more.
Team App is a Free Team Communication platform which is used by all types of teams in more than 150 countries globally. Teams can send instant alerts/emails, secure chat with members of groups, send surveys & view reports, latest news, manage events, track attendance, share files and much more. Design your app, choose from a huge range of features and you will have an App and FREE custom website created in less than 10 minutes. Teams can send instant alerts/emails, secure chat/messaging, send surveys & view reports, manage events, track attendance & more
One App for 22+ messaging services WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype, Slack, Twitter, Discord, GroupMe, Facebook Page messenger, VK,Chat, Tinder and many ,ore Note: One Chat is a wrapper app, combining all the messaging services. Experience will be 100% similar to web extension of those services, which extra features as follows. Features: Schedule message to send them at a planned time. Use Multiple parallel accounts of the same service. Privacy mode. macOS & iPad application that allows you to send messages on multiple services, and schedule messages to be sent.
Award-winning softphone designed to help you get the most out of your IP-PBX of choice. Experience crystal clear audio/video calls whether in your office or on-the-go. Escalate calls with easy call transfer and call hold functions. Set-up meetings with multi-way audio/video calls. In need of a quick answer? Send contacts instant messages and share documents. Bria is designed to make IP-telephony easy yet fully capable of becoming your unified business communication solution. Fully featured VoIP SIP softphone, available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Auto-answer, call transfer, hold and recording.
Hub connects, engages and improves your teams productivity. No need to go back and forth over emails, text or phone calls. Use built-in templates to get the right message out to relevant team members. Track the responses easily, reduce follow-ups and get more done faster! Increase readability by sending messages to the right team members using customized tags. All the communication is within your company's domain without mixing business and personal messages. Start communicating effectively wit Simple as SMS but powerful to supercharge your team communication
Lifesize helps teams at eBay connect with one video, web and audio conference solution. Our easy-to-use interface, screen-sharing and calendar integration make it easy to replace outdated, costly, audio-only services with more meaningful face-to-face conversations. Lifesize delivers audio, web, and video conferencing with the ability to easily record and share meetings all from one application.
Created in 2010, Talkspirit is THE complete communication and collaboration software that facilitates teamwork on a daily basis. Based in France, it already has more than 500 clients and 150,000 users. With talkspirit connect your entire organization, improve the sharing and circulation of information, stimulate collaboration with chat, video conferencing and collaborative documents. Available in 8 languages (EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, DE, NL, PL) on browser, mobile and desktop. Free 30-day Trial. Talkspirit is your company's branded collaborative software to connect, communicate & collaborate. Available in 8 languages.
Brosix supports teams looking to improve their internal communication while also keeping it secure. Through the Brosix app, teams have access to a range of communication features, all subject to industry leading P2P encryption standards. Business plan customers get all of the features of the app, along with a private and fully administrable team network. Premium plan customers get all of the abovementioned, along with advanced control features for secure communication. Secure team communication and collaboration app that provides businesses with a private internal communication network.
Doddle is your ultimate communication and collaboration platform enabling YOU to work smarter. With intuitive channels and bespoke workflows you can build, it allows you to streamline your conversations for a more efficient and effective way of working and collaborating. Even better, you can get it FREE now! Doddle is your ultimate communication and collaboration platform enabling YOU to work smarter.
Realtime messaging & file sharing - Real time messaging allows for instant decision making. Files of any format can be shared. Channels - Separate channels for individual teams. Channels eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings, keeping everyone informed. Audio and video calls - Users can start an audio/video call right from the chat window. Group video calls upto 100 participants is supported. Searchable chat history -Advanced search lets you search and find anyfile or information. Cliq helps you communicate, collaborate and reach consensus without any hassles. Catch up with your team no matter where you are.
An award-winning secure team communication platform enabling engagement with your non-desk employees. Sharing campaigns, best practices and results across locations, clients see a 10% spike in average sales since adopting Speakap. Used by 350+ brands in 27 countries, clients include Marriott Hotels, IKEA, Saks Off Fifth and Bosch. With custom integrations, boost your brand with your own white label app. At implementation success rates of 100%, engage smarter with Speakap. Experience 30% more sharing across your non-desk employees with the award-winning secured platform. Engage smarter with Speakap.
Team communication starts with Blizz. Get all the features needed for your productive collaboration: outlook-integrated meeting scheduling, session recording, 4k screen sharing, team or one-on-one chat, free dial-in numbers for 50+ countries. Access Blizz from any desktop or mobile device and get your team work process going. Available in over 200 countries. Blizz by TeamViewer is a Global Collaboration Tool Your Team Will Love.
Online solution for web conferencing and meeting management with easy check in to show who's attending the meeting. Online solution for web conferencing and meeting management with easy check in to show who's attending the meeting.
Travitor has the best Video Learning Platform we have ever seen! With 250+ Top courses included. Travitor brings all your learning together in one place, and make it all instantly searchable and available, wherever you go. When you need to onboard new employees or customers, create learning plans, make live training more productive, make sure everyone is on task, and more. Anyone can easily create courses by adding video, slide, document, quiz, homework and SCORM lessons. Simplify learning at work. Create, assign, and make sure everyone is on task. 250+ top rated courses included.
Ryver helps organize all your team collaboration in one app. It includes Group Messaging (Chat + Topic-threaded Chat + File Sharing), Task Management, and Voice & Video Calls. Ryver is accessible from any device and affordable for teams of all sizes. Group Messaging + Task Management + Voice & Video Calls all IN ONE APP.
todo.vu is a productivity suite delivering a unique blend of CRM, task management, time tracking and billing functionality. todo.vu is ideal for freelancers, consultants and teams of any size who strive to achieve improved efficiency, quality and transparency. todo.vu is absolutely free for freelancers and all pricing plans are capped at the cost of 11 users i.e. pay for 11 and get unlimited. CRM, task management, time tracking and billing for teams, agencies, freelancers and consultants.
Circuit improves teamwork by bringing together voice, video, screen share, messaging, and file sharing into a single tool with one view accessible through multiple devices and platforms. Circuit integrates with workflow apps like Box, Google Drive and Syncplicity, and offers a broad range of APIs for custom integrations. As a cloud collaboration platform, Circuit also integrates with existing telephony solutions. Circuit provides a far more efficient and effective way to collaborate over using a multitude of disparate tools.
Gmelius transforms Gmail into your workspace for team communication. Your company no longer needs to manage multiple platforms for team chat or project management tools. Gmelius integrates those features seamlessly into Gmail, allowing your team to communicate and collaborate in real-time. They can manage projects and clients, and chat behind the scenes, without leaving their inbox. And your data is synced across all your team members and all their devices. Turn Gmail into your team's communication workspace. Collaborate in real-time, manage clients and projects without leaving your inbox.
Fleep combines team messaging with lightweight collaboration tools. Unlike competitors, it works across multiple teams and organizations. Fleep also integrates with any email client making it arguably the most flexible communication solution for any business. Fleep can radically improve the way you work with colleagues and partners. It allows you to seamlessly connect with all of them in one place. An ideal way to communicate. A flexible messenger that integrates with email and lets you store and share files easily.
Chanty is a simple and fast team chat app to boost communication and productivity in teams of all business segments. Its OK if you are "non-techy". Using Chanty is as simple as pie. No message history limit! No hidden costs. Built-in Tasks. Chanty is a simple chat platform that helps teams with collaboration, messaging, file sharing, workflows and task management.
Your Search is Over! Noodle is the All-In-One, Remote Team Communication tool for the Enterprise. Noodle provides a wide array of functionality. Local or Cloud Deployment, Role Based Permissions, 14 Integrated Applications, Forms & Workflows all with with Single-Sign-On user management. Also, you work with a support team that has been helping companies collaborate for over a decade, Its time to use your Noodle! Visit the website for a FREE Demo. Single sign-on team communication software with document, data, and video conferencing available as Cloud or On Premise product.
Keep everyone on the same page. Crew powers the front-line of your business in one simple-to-use app. Over 10,000 businesses across every industry are using Crew to streamline communications, engage employees and drive business results. You can use Crew to immediately message all team members, distribute the schedule, find shift coverage and recognize top-performing employees across your organization. Communicate in real-time with your hourly employees. Send one message that reaches your entire workforce instantly. Get a free demo!
Teamwork tools like email and group-chat are disorganized, dysfunctional and distracting. Twist is a team communication app that fosters mindful communication and gives modern teams a central place to grow their knowledge base and have organized, on-topic conversations that are accessible to everyone. Twist gives teams the space to fully discuss complex ideas and projects from start to finish without making people feel like theyre missing out if they dont respond immediately. Twist makes team communication calmer, more organized, and more productive.
Zello is the leading push-to-talk voice messaging app for teams and businesses worldwide, turning iOS, Android, and Windows devices into walkie-talkies that also record messages, track location, and send emergency alerts. Account administrators add, remove, and group together teams through a centralized, web-based management console. Channels are flexible to suit the needs of each customer, especially those in the hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and retail industries. Zello is a push-to-talk app that connects frontline workers, teams, and communities through the power of live, human voice.
VidyoConnect is a meeting solution for team collaboration that speeds global alignment across your enterprise, allowing for better-informed decisions, faster responses and deeper trust. With a unified user experience across mobile, desktop and conference room endpoints, VidyoConnect delivers the consistency, rich features and ease of use that drive adoption. VidyoConnect is a meeting solution for team collaboration that speeds alignment across your enterprise.
Staffbase is the personalized communications platform to enable your employees at all levels. Connect instantly with a convenient employee directory, team-specific channels and interactive social features like @mentions and likes. We also keep your conversations going in real time with a secure chat and automatic translation. Whether you're an organization of of 500 or 5000,000, our mobile-first approach ensures a meaningful connection for every employee, directly at their fingertips. Staffbase connects your entire workforce, whether 500 or 500,000 strong, and helps to get the right message to the right people.
WikiPro simplifies your business communication, providing e-signatures and user-friendly interfaces to approve contracts immediately and securely. Features such as instant chat, text to reviews, text to pay, chat widget, file sharing and e-signatures, and respond to your clients questions instantly. WikiPro can text enable your existing business landline. Your clients dont need to install WikiPro Mobile App to contact you. They can send standard text messaging. Allow businesses to improve customer experience with reviews, instant messaging, text to pay, share files, e-sign and more.
Keep your employees connected, wherever work takes them: whether in the office, at home, on the frontline or on the road. With Interact¿s intranet software, you can achieve effective communication and collaboration across your entire workforce, regardless of location. Interact is a global software company, connecting over 1.4 million users across more than 950 organizations with our digital workplace solutions. We have offices in Manchester, New York, London and Boston, and operate globally. Interact provides intranet software that connects the employees of over 950 organizations. We are the home to your digital workplace.
Complete Work Management Platform for companies that need to control tasks, projects and processes. Minimize busywork and maximize profitability. A time-centered task, project and workflow management solution, complete with beautiful dashboards and powerful AI enabled reports.
Starmind unlocks employees collective intelligence and expertise to supercharge productivity, innovation and career development. Patented artificial intelligence identifies subject matter experts across enterprises, accesses undocumented knowledge and generates employee skill profiles that are the foundation for upskilling, re-skilling and workforce planning. Starmind has helped businesses worldwide gain over $1.4 billion as a result of productivity savings. Solving the talent, expertise and skill gap challenge by unlocking the collective intelligence and expertise of your organization.
Communication tool that connects teammates through remote chat that can be sorted according to topics, locations and timezones. Communication tool that connects teammates through remote chat that can be sorted according to topics, locations and timezones.
Spike supercharges your email. Email, chat, calendar, calls, collaborative docs and to-dos are all in a single powerful Inbox, so you can focus on getting things done faster. Spike blends traditional emails with instant messaging, providing better context for each conversation, and reduces clutter - allowing for better interaction and a more human (and modern!) way of communication. Spike works on top of your existing email and is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Web. Spike brings your entire workspace into your inbox: your email, chat, calendar, calls, team collaboration and tasks -- to one place
Soapbox is an app built for people managers looking to have more productive one-on-ones and team meetings. Teams are able to create shared agendas, take meeting notes, collect feedback and assign next steps all in one place. With Soapbox, you don't need to leave the tools you love to start having better meetings. Integrations include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google and more. Soapbox is bridging the gap between managers and employees with an agenda tool for one-on-ones and team meetings.
5,000,000+ users. Team communication software that unifies teams and accelerates growth. Increase productivity. Unite employees. Improve culture. We know the process of implementing a new team communication platform can be daunting, so Axero makes it easy. 1) We Plan 2) We Build 3) You Thrive. Axero is trusted by some of the world's most thriving companies, 99% of which are still actively using the platform after 5 years. Contact us today for a free consultation. Replace your outdated communication platform with Communifire. 100% useful. 100% customizable. 100% loved by over 5 million people.
Team on the Run (TOTR) is a communication platform for the digital transformation of enterprises. TOTR tracks tasks in real time, generates user defined reports, and adapts operational flow to enhance efficiency and is available on PC and on mobile. Team on the Run (TOTR) can provide an instant enterprise Communication and Collaboration solution with company directory, easy to set up user groups, multimedia functions and geolocation tracking Team on the Run is a business process communication total solution for enterprises with global network connectivity.
Sococo is the online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side. No matter where team members might be. Down the hall, across campus, or halfway around the worldworking in your organization's online office is even more productive than being on the same floor or in the same room. Online workplace and communication management system that helps distributed teams work together from remote locations.
Convo is a work collaboration tool that helps cross-functional teams (like product design, health care, emergency care, editorial content creation and more) make faster, smarter decisions. Available on web, desktop, iOS, and Android, Convo distills what is most effective in enterprise social networks, task manager, project management and productivity apps to become the best workplace collaboration software for large, agile teams. Convo is a business collaboration tool for fast-moving teams to centrally share, organize, and archive information securely.
JANDI is an enterprise cloud-based communication and collaboration platform with topic-based group chat and messaging. Messages and files are instantly encrypted and stored on AWS, ensuring company data is secure. Integrations with other work apps like G Suite, Trello and JIRA allow for smooth workflows across teams. Other features include video conferencing, screen sharing, and simple task management. JANDI is available on both desktop and mobile. JANDI is a team collaboration app with topic-based group chats, messaging, file sharing, task management and integrated workflows.
OurPeople is a communications solution built specifically for frontline, hourly employees, or teams that don't sit behind a desk all day. Forget email, endless news feeds, or group chat Apps, you need a solution that gets your message across and ensures your team stays in the loop. Managers can track engagement with beautiful, full reports, ensuring you know who has seen your message and responded, in seconds! Your people need OurPeople! OurPeople is an innovative mobile-first solution designed for teams that don't sit behind a desk all day. Know they know with OurPeople
A secure internal communication app connecting all employees with focus on employee experience, micro learning and community building. NEWSFEED Through targeted communications, keep all employees informed of company news in real time CHAT Individually, in Groups or Teams, instantly and securely exchange messages, files or surveys through Instant Messaging LEARN Easily create engaging multimedia content. Enhance learning and make transfer knowledge fun. A secure internal communication app connecting all employees with focus on employee experience, micro learning and community building.
Pyrus redefines collaborative work. It makes your work day smarter by automating your tedious yet essential business processes. You can set up customized workflows with just a few clicks, such as automatically requesting approvals, routing business forms or simply delegating routine tasks to several employees. It's easy to implement, it saves both you and your colleagues' time and lets you get back to actually getting work done. Team communication solution that helps businesses streamline task delegation, work-related communication, and document approvals.
To meet and exceed customer demands, frontline workers depend on communication. Mobile staff need to stay heads-up, and real-time voice is their preferred communication tool. Transform productivity and safety with secure communications, web dispatch, voice automations, advanced location services, and integrations. Orion serves midmarket and enterprise companies in Transportation, Facilities Management, Security, Energy, Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality, Gaming, and more. Voice-activated team communication and automation for the mobile, frontline workforce.
GreenOrbit (formerly Intranet DASHBOARD) You dare to seek a better intranet. You're looking for something more than the flashy integrators you want to equip employees with the right tools. Drive efficiency and foster collaboration, empower content creators to take ownership and build an intranet experience that works for your culture and brand. We are the intranet that provides everything you need, built in. GreenOrbit. Discover a new intranet solution at greenorbit.com Every day, your people use many different tools to get work done. We are the intranet that provides everything you need, built in.
Xoxoday Empuls helps HR leaders and CXOs with workforce motivation, empowerment and collaboration. Empuls facilitates collaboration amongst employees with features such as feeds, groups and chats. Features like pulse surveys and feedback help with empowerment and rewards, recognition and gamification help with motivation. Empowers HR leaders and CXOs build an engaged and happy workforce. It can help manage internal communication, award workflows
Platform focused on talent management and corporate knowledge responding to the needs of professionals who are in different jobs and schedules. It integrates in a single software functionalities of management of equipment and collaboration, system of videoconference, functionalities of digitalization of contents and formation. A new concept of learning and collaboration based on the permanent acquisition of new skills and abilities. Platform focused on talent management and corporate knowledge through collaborative work and learning tools.
The Hub is a collaborative intranet portal trusted by big brands like Nikon, Ralph Lauren and Legal & General to securely share resources, boost employee engagement and increase operational efficiency using The Hub's digital workplace. Connect employees & offices effortlessly, manage workloads & tasks more efficiently and gather valuable feedback using polls & surveys. Every Hub has completely customisable features & branding. We listen to your needs & tailor functionality to suit your business. Intelligent intranet solution and secure client portal for businesses to collaborate, communicate and share information.
Effective communication is the key to corporate success. And taking the significance flawless interaction in the business world, Troop Messenger office chat app has been designed feature-packed. Amazing feature implementation coupled with high-end security makes Troop messenger look taller in the corresponding market and with a business identity, this encrypted group chat app is apt to take your business communication to the next level. Effective communication is the key to businesses optimization, and this software solution provides easy collaboration and messaging.
Lark is the true all-in-one, mobile-first collaboration experience for distributed teams, built to maximize efficiency and bring joy back to your work day. Advanced Video Conference, Chat, Calendar, Document Creation and Storage functionality combined for a unified user experience that enables you and your team to do your best work. Team work made easy. For businesses of all sizes.
Streamline communication with your team's shared inbox. Skip the FWDs and CCs and get more done. With Outpost, everyone can work in the same shared inbox, without stepping on each other's toes. Use private notes to share information without leaving your inbox or creating confusing email threads. Assignments, collision alerts, tags, and saved templates will help your team respond faster to customers and spend less time managing email. Outpost is simple and affordable so that any team can use it. Streamline your team's email communication. Skip the FWDs and CCs and get more done together. Easy to use and affordably priced.
Airmeet - The Events Platform for Professionals Airmeet's core focus is on creating the most inclusive & immersive virtual events platform for knowledge professionals. Built from the ground up to enable better interactions & help build real connections, Airmeet offers a ton of features that help participants discover & network in the most efficient way possible. Including a Social Lounge, Event Management, Sponsorships and Raise Hand. Airmeet is highly scalable, secure & runs on the cloud. Airmeet is an all-in-one platform for communities & organizations to host interactive & immersive events, meetups & workshops.
Projecis is a content management and data visualization platform that enables project stakeholders to connect teams, organize data, and disseminate information for better business decision-making. Project team members can access documents, dashboards, metrics, milestones, assignments, issues, Gantt charts, resource views and more. Team knowledge is searchable, and maintained in one place with real-time commenting for all posted content. Video and screen-sharing communications are included. Projecis enables project stakeholders to connect teams, organize data, and collaborate on content for better work effectiveness.
Statdash is a powerful tool for those who lead teams, but are too busy to follow-up. See your entire team's status in a single snapshot without ever having to call, email, or chat. Our simple, color-coded dashboard is designed to eliminate annoying follow-up conversations with our built-in email scheduler. Easy to setup, simple to use, yet powerful. Quickly share your dashboards with clients, stakeholders, and co-workers, so everyone knows your team's status. Free version available. Statdash let's you view your teams status in a snapshot without ever having to call, email, or chat.
Conceptboard is a virtual collaboration tool, that boosts productivity and improves team communication. Interact and speak on an infinite workspace as if you were in the same room. You can share documents and information in real-time. Accessable from any device and location. Use audio oder video chat to speak with teams, clients, suppliers and external partners across the globe. Conceptboard integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and speeds up your collaboration. Conceptboard is a virtual collaboration tool, that boosts productivity and improves team communication.
The ripple effect of a great meeting is an engaged and productive team. Fellow is where teams gather to build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. Whether in person or remote, Fellow helps your team build great meeting habits through real-time notetaking, action item tracking, and an expert-approved meeting template library. Fellow is where teams gather to build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable.
ThirdSpace has three core features: Spaces, The Journey Map, and The Brain. Spaces organize interactions by topics, teams, and events similar to how physical spaces give context to communication. The Journey Map is a continuously evolving tapestry of an employees growth and development within an organization that gives the employee a clear path to the future. The Brain is a dynamic infographic of an organizations real-time connections, knowledge generation, and growth. ThirdSpaces cloud-based culture software helps create & maintain workplace culture.
A Cost effective Project Management Software that aims to make life easier. Talk on Task's innovative features like Interactive chatting, Task based chatting, Time tracking,Project reporting etc makes it standout amongst other competitors in the market. It has a unique chat system where you can chat about specific tasks, with individual users or on specific projects as per your requirements. Communication based on tasks are saved for future reference so you can look back anytime later. A communication tool along with the features for task management, projects, task tracking, and client management.