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The Intellum platform provides all of the tools a company needs to create, manage, track, improve and scale highly-personalized learning experiences to large customer, partner, and employee audiences. Easily combine learning, knowledgebase, customer success, support, sales, and marketing initiatives into a single destination. Utilize engagement tactics like notifications, recommendations, certifications, mobile, chat, and gamification to create the ultimate learning experience for your users. Learn more about Intellum Platform Intellum helps large brands and fast-moving companies increase revenue and decrease support costs through education. Learn more about Intellum Platform
SaaS-based SABIO gets the most out of your organizations knowledge because its easy to use, deploy, and administer. SABIO wraps a beautiful interface around a fully-featured solution with CRM and ticketing app integrations and an API. Find out how powerful easy can be. Learn more about SABIO Knowledge Management Simple and intuitive knowledge management software, for more productive customer service organizations. Try SABIO for free! Learn more about SABIO Knowledge Management
Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. It's a central source of truth for fast-moving companies. Confluence helps save time by harnessing your teams' collective knowledge into easy-to-find answers for everyone. It keeps everyone organized and aligned ¿ with everything from meeting notes to strategy docs and IT documentation ¿ so they can make better decisions faster and be more responsive to change. Learn more about Confluence Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. Create, collaborate, and organize your work all in one place. Learn more about Confluence
Onna makes it easy to centralize and index all your enterprise knowledge across applications for superior search, sharing, and collaboration. Grab data by the horns with enhanced machine learning technologies to deliver faster data classification, knowledge management, and predictive search. Learn more about Onna Onna will centralize and index all your enterprise knowledge across apps for superior management, search, sharing, and collaboration. Learn more about Onna
Elium is a high-quality social knowledge management solution that focuses on content relevance. Managers need a way to break down information silos and make sure everyone has the information they need, without bombarding them with unnecessary documents. With a platform like Elium, managers have one central space to organize, discuss, and share information. The system has a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated search function, and facilitates easier referencing by immediately tagging content. Learn more about elium Let anyone initiate discussions, foster the network and monitor activities. Collaborative problem-solving and iterations are the future Learn more about elium
Caspio is the world's leading LOW-CODE platform for building an online knowledge base without coding. Ranked a Leader by Forrester Research, the all-in-one platform provides everything you need to digitally transform business operations and workflows. It includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure. See why Caspio is trusted by over 12,000 companies worldwide. Try it for FREE. Learn more about Caspio Caspio is the world's leading LOW-CODE platform for building an online knowledge base without coding. Learn more about Caspio
Zendesk Guide is a knowledge base solution built seamlessly into our leading help desk software. Guide reduces ticket volumes by delivering AI powered answers to your customers instantly, in over 60 languages, and on any channel, even mobile app. See why more than 200,000 teams use Zendesk to lower their support costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. Learn more about Zendesk Zendesk Guide is a knowledge base fully integrated into our customer support software. Learn more about Zendesk
Freshdesk knowledge base helps customers to find answers on their own and enables agents to handle more customer queries efficiently. Some of the key capabilities include creating content in multiple languages, managing content in bulk to save time, using filters to work on specific content, setting up a robust approval process. It is also possible to leverage the AI-powered bots to help customers find relevant answers while keeping them engaged. Learn more about Freshdesk Freshdesk is an easy-to-use customer service software that helps over 40,000 businesses worldwide create stellar customer experiences. Learn more about Freshdesk
LiveAgent is a complete knowledge management system that provides a fully-featured customer knowledge base. Our customer knowledge base enables customers to quickly find answers without having to submit tickets. Reduce customer wait times, the workload of your agents, as well as the time spent on resolving tickets. With LiveAgent, providing world-class customer service is easy. Start your free trial today, no credit card required. Learn more about LiveAgent Great customer service starts with better help desk software. Win more customers by providing excellent customer service with LiveAgent Learn more about LiveAgent
Bitrix24 is a leading free social knowledge management and collaboration platform used by over 4 million companies worldwide. Available in cloud and on-premise with open source code access. Share and discuss ideas, manage knowledge, manage projects and do more with Bitrix24! Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is a leading free social knowledge management and collaboration platform used by over 4 million companies worldwide. Learn more about Bitrix24
HelpCrunch's Knowledge base software is a top-rated solution for knowledge management and self-service customer support. Other Features: - Live Chat - Auto Messages - Email Marketing - Help Desk - Popups - Mobile apps - Chat Bot (coming soon) Try HelpCrunch for free for 14 days. Learn more about HelpCrunch HelpCrunch's Knowledge base software is a top-rated solution for knowledge management and 24/7 self-service customer support. Learn more about HelpCrunch
Tribe helps businesses build dynamic and centralized knowledge base by leveraging crowd wisdom and the collaborative power of the employees. Add social touchpoints and build knowledge-sharing communities within a matter of days. Save resources, reduce tickets, and scale support by enabling self-service. Organize different types of content by creating topics and groups (public, private, and secret) for efficient content discovery. Generate insights from the candid conversations between customers. Learn more about Tribe Tribe is a free and cloud-based knowledge management solution that helps you leverage crowd-sourced content and employee contribution. Learn more about Tribe
Document360 Knowledge base platform enables your help center creation through end-user interface and multiple third-party integrations. Get set up in minutes & reduce your support request up to 50%. Create, collaborate, and publish a self-service knowledge Knowledge base with our easy to use document management SaaS platform. Maintain multiple versions, take advantage of markdown editor & advanced analytics, be assured of robust security and match with your brand identity. Learn more about Document360 Rated #1 Knowledge Base Software Globally. Trusted and used by 1000s of users from Customer.io, Datree.io, Harvard University, Monday. Learn more about Document360
Large enterprise organizations use the Nuxeo Platform to build intelligent knowledge management systems for searching, managing, and accessing otherwise hidden information across multiple systems. With a flexible metadata model, intuitive search capabilities, native workflows, connectors, and analytics, the Nuxeo Platform is ideal for complex knowledge management applications. Learn more about Nuxeo Platform The Nuxeo Platform provides every core knowledge management capability you would expect from an enterprise platform. Learn more about Nuxeo Platform
Elevio makes your products easier to learn. We provide you with the tools to create, deliver, measure and improve your support content which means happier customers and lower support loads. More than 500 companies such as Atlassian, Heap, Adroll and Dell are using Elevio to improve retention and reduce complaints. Sign up for our free 14-day trial today. Learn more about elevio Help customers, help themselves! Elevio delivers self-service support on-demand to your customers, when and where they need it. Learn more about elevio
ComAround Knowledge automate and empower customer support with intelligent knowledge. It is a powerful AI and cloud-based Knowledge Management Software (KMS) specifically designed to optimize the support flow by sharing accurate knowledge at the right time. Customer Support and Service Desks solves problems faster, handles increased volumes in multiple languages, lower organizational costs and deliver excellent customer experience. Learn more about ComAround Knowledge Automate and empower customer support with intelligent knowledge, by sharing accurate knowledge at the right time. Learn more about ComAround Knowledge
Universal Knowledge from KPS provides comprehensive content capture, search, collaboration and insight functionality to enable internal employees and customer facing organisations to significantly increase productivity. Natural language search, advanced content creation and moderation processes combine with high levels of insight to ensure your knowledge can be managed centrally with minimal administration overhead. Available in a SaaS or On Premise model. Learn more about KPS Knowledge Management Software Flexible and configurable out of the box knowledge management software used for internal employee knowledge sharing or customer support Learn more about KPS Knowledge Management Software
BoostHQ is the leading knowledgebase that allows companies to create, share, and index their organization's knowledge. Available on both web and mobile, employees can easily access and contribute information to the platform on the go. BoostHQ integrates with the business tools and supports the file types you already use (documents, cloud storage tools, online articles, videos and web links). Schedule a demo to see how BoostHQ can work for your team. Learn more about BoostHQ BoostHQ enables companies to easily share and index their content, knowledge, and best practices so they are accessible when needed. Learn more about BoostHQ
Building and maintaining a knowledge base can be a hassle. The inSided self service platform aims to make that process a little easier. Our community driven knowledge base platform combines community and company content to make sure you always cover the whole spectrum of your customers¿ questions. Use our in-product support widgets to make that knowledge available throughout all of your channels, and never interrupt a users interacting with your tool again. Designed for customer success & suppor Learn more about inSided InSideds online knowledge base platform is true SaaS: no additional costs or development resources needed, easy to set up and scale. Learn more about inSided
Twine connects people, content and ideas together through one simple and secure portal. Enjoy all the tools you need: Knowledge Library, News & Blogs, Forums, Groups, People Directory, Polls and Surveys, File Manager, Calendar and Workflow Builder. Twine is designed for integration: pull data from Salesforce; sign-on using Google Apps, Microsoft or LinkedIn; and easily upload from OneDrive, Google and other major files services. Learn more about Twine Unexpectedly simple: Twine connects people, content and ideas together through one simple portal. Learn more about Twine
Use Galisto - and Knowledge Management is no longer a problem! The platform connects users to any kind of information available but normally difficult to find. The platform provides all elements to connect this information to valuable knowledge. External partners may be integrated without reducing data security and privacy. Galisto follows a defined Knowledge Management process an is therefore best prepared for this important growing part of any organisations work. Learn more about Galisto Get more out of your organisations knowledge! Galisto simplifies your knowledge management easy and secure with low initial risk. Learn more about Galisto
Zoho Desk is a cloud based Knowledge base software for faster answers and fewer tickets on customer quires and complaints that helps your company to build stronger relationships with customers over multiple channels and languages. Create Multi-brand SEO friendly knowledge base articles for each of your brand to answer your customer's frequently asked questions. This saves your team work on responding to simple questions, and leaves more time to help customers with tricky problems. With Zoho Desk, create Multi-brand SEO friendly knowledge base articles on cloud for each of your brand to answer your customers FAQ's.
Despite popular opinion, life as a service desk agent is as unglamorous as it can get. A support agent spends most of his time, answering the same set of questions over and over. Imagine answering "How do I reset my password?" fifty times a day; not only does this make their life incredibly monotonous but it also makes the end-user wait for an answer to a problem or query that actually could be solved in a jiffy with the right guide. Speed up your IT process by using and creating knowledge base for your service desk software
SAP Litmos makes knowledge management easy and flexible. Our cloud-based continuous learning platform is designed with the user experience in mind. It allows content to be consumed on any device, and within the applications users already access for a truly embedded learning experience. Millions of users across 20 industries and more than 130 countries use SAP Litmos to learn better. Start your free trial of our award-winning knowledge management system, trusted by millions of users, completely risk-free.
Clean, simple and intuitive, KnowledgeOwl takes the complication out of building and maintaining a knowledge base for your customers and employees. No distractions or cumbersome setups - just no-nonsense knowledge base software, ready to improve knowledge retention and customer satisfaction. And if you do need us, our friendly support team are always here to help you get the most out of your KnowledgeOwl subscription. Easy to use and update, KnowledgeOwl takes the complication out of building and maintaining a knowledge base for your customers & staff
Bloomfire is the leading collaborative knowledge management software. Our platform allows teams to quickly and securely share dynamic information and insights. Our AI-powered search scans all types of media (including video) so teams can find and act on information faster. Bloomfire is used by hundreds of thousands of employees at leading companies such as Capital One, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and HomeAway to increase team productivity, make informed decisions, and drive results. Collaborative knowledge management software enabling teams to curate and share information, and tap into their collective intellect.
Trainual is the leading knowledge management and training platform for growing teams. Document and delegate every process, policy, and procedure for every role and responsibility in one place. Easy to use, fast to implement, and accessible from anywhere. Available on desktop, iOS, Android, and surface knowledge when you need it with the Chrome browser extension. Trainual makes it easy to get your team up to speed then keep them aligned and accountable with everything they need to know. Trainual is the leading knowledge management and training platform for growing teams. Get your business out of your brain with Trainual
livepro is purpose built Knowledge Management for Customer Experience. We focus on delivering answers to agents - not long complex documents. This is made possible by livepros powerful features like search and easy to follow process guidance. livepro requires next to no training and turns your agents into experts meaning staff confidence and customer satisfaction go up while AHT and training costs are cut down. livepro is purpose built Customer Experience Knowledge Management. Delivering ANSWERS, not documents - no matter which channel is used.
eXo Platform is a knowledge management solution that can help you drive company performance, facilitate knowledge transfer and improve employee training. eXo platform promotes innovation and idea sharing by giving teams the power to create, share and manage content, all in one place. It is a great way to create a full-featured knowledge base. Open-source knowledge management solution to leverage your most valuable assets with one powerful knowledge base platform
EisenVault Digital Document Management System is VAPT and ISO 27001 Certified. It has a web-based user interface is modern and easy to use, reducing the learning curve. Available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, enabling access when you are on the move. Features include multi level workflows, optical character recognition, custom metadata, full text search and more. Integrates with Microsoft Office (including Outlook) and with Gmail. Cloud Based and On-Premises Document Management Software. Securely store and search documents. No 3rd party license needed.
Make work easy with MangoApps Content & Knowledge Management Platform - a central place to store, share, find documents & other company knowledge. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. Make work easy with MangoApps Content & Knowledge Management Platform - a central place to store, share, find knowledge..
Harness Seismic's powerful content intelligence to scale your document control efforts. Create a centralized single-source-of-truth for all your company's collateral, and ensure that your operational machine is running efficiently with document approval workflows, version control, audit trail, collaborate tools, and the ability to update content at scale. Centralized content storage with intelligent collaboration.
Business processes are hard to follow as KB articles. Flowchart view of a business process often lacks details necessary at each step. Using Yonyx, your subject matter experts can create decision tree driven interactive guides that users can traverse interactively - be it for troubleshooting, customer service, telemarketing or for customer self service. Yonyx integrates with most KBs and CRM platforms. Yonyx also provides analytics as users traverse along various paths through such guides. Decision tree driven interactive guides that plug into most KB & CRM systems. Follow business processes in an interactive manner.
With Yext's best-in-class, cloud-based platform, you'll harness the power of knowledge to drive internal efficiencies, great brand experiences, and rich customer interactions everywhere online. It is your centralized hub to manage all the facts consumers seek about your people, places, and products - from locations, holiday hours, and in-store promotions to parking entrances and professional credentials. Your single source of truth for the public facts about your business.
HappyFox is a web based knowledge management help desk hosted on the cloud. It provides a simple online knowledge base software that's beautiful, searchable, social media ready and responsive for the mobile. It supports both internal and external knowledge base. HappyFox's powerful search and automatic in-line suggestions helps your customers to find solutions faster. Community forums help customers connect. A knowledge management help desk software that helps you remove clutter and manage your customer support queries easily.
Helpjuice Is THE Knowledge Base Platform used by thousands of companies for both reducing support & sharing knowledge internally. - Fully brandable, and we even help customize your knowledge base, to make it pixel perfect. Say goodbye to KBs that dont feel YOURS - Instant Intelligent Search brings up the RIGHT results the first time you type - Advanced Analytics give you the right insight into your KB & how to improve it - Other features include Multi-Lingual, SSO, Custom Domain, API Knowledge Base Software Designed To Reduce Support. Fully brandable, includes Analytics, Instant Intelligent Search, Multiple Languages
Salesforce Community Cloud's enterprise community platform connects customers, partners, and employees directly to the information, apps, and experts they need to take action: -Accelerate channel sales -Provide stellar service -Connect customers -Transform the workplace -Build a community of anything Features: -Business integration -Personalization -Customization & Branding -Engagement -Mobile -Community Builder & Templates -Topics -Salesforce Files -Actions -Groups -Trust Online community software that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees to get work done anywhere.
Build better customer experiences with Groove. Everything you need to convert, support, and delight your customers. Everything in one place. No matter how you talk with your customers (email, social media, chat, or the phone), easily keep track of it all in our intuitive dashboard. Reduce your support volume and increase satisfaction with a 24/7 self-serve knowledge base.
Vanilla Forums is the top-rated community powered Knowledge Base solution. With us, you can turbo charge your self-service support portal with a knowledge base curating the very best support community content with the click of a mouse. In addition to the KB, get critical feedback through an online community platform with our Ideation and Q&A addons. Vanilla Forums is the top-rated cloud-based knowledge base & community forum software trusted by the world's top brands.
Zoho Connect is a team collaboration app, that unifies people, resources, and the apps they need. Users can share ideas, hold real-time discussions, contact anyone in the network, create their own apps, build their knowledge base, manage their work plans, and also access apps designed to make team work easy and quick.With Zoho Connect, faster communication and better collaboration is guaranteed. Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work
Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure Q&A platform that mimics the way people naturally think about, share, and find information. When it comes to knowledge management, you don't need more information, you need the right information. We offer a plan for companies of every size. Choose from Stack Overflow for Teams various tiers including Basic, Business, or Enterprise. No more digging through stale wikis and lost emails give your team back the time it needs to build better products. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure home for your team's questions and answers.
TechScholar writes and promotes Product Sales Training Modules hosted on our secure cloud-based LMS, so our clients can prioritize their learning and, most importantly, earning. Our impactful modules highlight your products' KVPs and targeted selling opportunities to fast-track learning and boost sales; a TechScholar custom, co-branded LMS Campus cuts training costs for even the most complex sales teams. Management receives key metric reporting on their reps engagement and comprehension. TechScholar boosts your reps selling power with custom Product Sales Training Modules delivered on our proprietary cloud-based LMS.
The platform consists of simple to use online editor to create customized courses by importing existing documents, videos or linking external resources. The platform allows to create assessment and certification programs which can be taken from anywhere, anytime using a web browser or native iPad/Android app. The system tracks all activities and provides dynamic reporting. EduBrite is integrated with other enterprise products like Atlassian Confluence, Google Apps, Yammer, WebEx and Citrix. Online LMS allows businesses, training institutes to provide end-to-end training solutions to their employees, partners and customers.
Guru is a knowledge management solution that empowers teams with the knowledge they need to do their jobs, when and where they need it. Through integrations with Google Chrome, Slack, and more, Guru brings knowledge management directly into workflows, eliminating the context switching and distractions previously required to locate important knowledge. Guru makes it easy for experts to document and democratize information, reducing shoulder taps and keeping your entire team focused and productive Guru is a knowledge management solution that empowers teams with the knowledge they need to do their jobs, when and where they need it.
Shelf is an award winning contact center and help desk knowledge management platform with advanced AI and the best search in the industry. Used by organizations like Google, Amazon and Nielson, Shelf was designed by a Harvard knowledge management expert and data scientist for best in class search and organization. Unlike other knowledgebase platforms, Shelf offers pinpoint accurate document search, AI automation for maintenance and powerful analytics. Contact us to speak with a consultant. Intelligent knowledge management for contact centers or help desks that makes finding, maintaining and updating critical knowledge easy
All-in-one business operating platform that contains all essential tools for project, task, finance and customer management. Flowlu provides you with a profound overview of everything that is going on in your company. Our tools let you know what your employees are doing and what problems they are facing. You can track every part of your business, from time spent by your team and their workload to overall costs, and customer invoices. All-in-one business operating platform that contains all essential tools for project, task, finance and customer management.
Clinked will bring your business closer to your team from within secure and customisable cloud workspaces. Used by businesses in all industries, from SMEs to Enterprises, Clinked's feature-rich solution will save your company valuable time whilst improving efficiency. Key features include file sharing, integrated group chat, task management, discussions forums, team calendars, branded mobile app and more. Sign up for a free 10-day trial today. Clinked offers customised cloud solutions for businesses. Securely share files, communicate with clients and keep track of your tasks.
Speakap provides branded communication platforms that foster structured dialogue with frontline employees. You can support and inform your entire workforce from anywhere at any time with Speakap's robust feature set. Used by 350+ brands in 27 countries, clients include Marriott Hotels, IKEA, Saks Off Fifth and Bosch. Stay on the pulse of your organization. Simply. Quickly. From anywhere.
Schoox is a social learning platform with very powerful, easy-to-use tools for content and knowledge sharing, course creation and training, collaboration and content monetization. In the era of social media and peer contribution the workforce culture has changed. Traditional learning management solutions cant catch up with the ever-changing landscape. Schoox offers the most powerful modern learning and knowledge management system. Mobile, social eLearning platform that supports course creation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and training.
Amplify the knowledge at the center of your IT organization with Alloy Navigator's Knowledge Management capabilities. Time-saving features like technician quick article builds articles from tickets and multi-stage approvals ensure creation and revisions are controlled. Couple that with intelligent categorization, a permission layer and Self-Service Portal integration and you've got yourself the perfect Knowledge Base solution for all your Service Management needs. Alloy Navigator is a real-world solution beautifully designed for real-world customers, built by real-world IT people just like you.
BlogIn is a beautifully simple internal blog and knowledge-sharing platform for teams of all sizes. The Internal blog becomes the central information hub that opens a new, transparent, two-way communication channel inside an organization, where everyone can ask a question and get the information they need to make faster and smarter decisions. It's intuitive and easy to use, so everyone can quickly get on board, which is one of the reasons why it works so well as the internal communication tool. BlogIn is the beautifully simple internal blog and knowledge sharing platform for teams of all sizes.
Consolidate your distributed knowledge base into a single, comprehensive solution from which you can train, onboard, and certify your customers. The Thought Industries award-winning platform brings documentation and training management into a single interface. Create, manage, and distribute content and courses across the customer lifecycle to ensure adoption, retention, and continued advocacy. Discover your enterprise's full potential! The Thought Industries platform helps companies onboard, train, and certify customers with engaging online learning.
Web-based software for businesses that helps create step-by-step tutorials for websites or applications. Web-based software for businesses that helps create step-by-step tutorials for websites or applications.
AnswerHub is built specifically with developers in mind. With features like ideation, advanced analytics, advanced search, and customizable themes and configurations, AnswerHub is the perfect solution for companies and teams who need to engage internal and 3rd-party developers. Some of the most developer-centric companies in the world use AnswerHub for productivity and knowledge sharing including IBM, LinkedIn, Epic Games, and Disney Pixar. AnswerHub is a knowledge sharing and community building platform for developers.
Deskpro is the knowledge management & helpdesk platform for 21st century organizations, offering a modern, real-time web interface, flexible configuration and easy but powerful automation. Includes: user portal with Knowledgebase, news posting, file hosting and customer feedback; live chat that you can add to your website; integration with services you already use: Salesforce, Highrise, JIRA, Active Directory, LDAP, OneLogin, Okta and many more. Full REST API, app development framework. The modern helpdesk platform for every kind of organization. Hosted Cloud or installable On-Premise version for self-hosting.
Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace. We help teams unlock their full potential through shared learning and documentation. Slab features a beautiful editor, blazing fast search, and dozens of integrations like Slack, GitHub and G Suite. Slab is a knowledge hub for the modern workplace.
Clipicious is a full-suite collaboration platform that allows users to capture, customize, organize, and share content with other users. With the web clipper tool, any site, document, image, or video can be captured with just one click and made ready to annotate and customize. Clipicious also includes time tracking, user permissions, and a robust set of content editing tools making it one of the most versatile collaboration tools on the market. Full-suite collaboration platform that allows you to capture, store, organize, annotate, share, tag, and manage content.
Igloo is a leading provider of digital workplace solutions, helping companies move beyond traditional intranets to inspiring digital destinations that improve communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and culture. All Igloo solutions are 100% cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and integrate with the leading enterprise systems and cloud apps your business relies on. By centralizing all information, Igloo provides a single-source-of-truth and enables a more productive and engaged workforce. Igloo is a leading provider of digital workplace solutions, helping companies move beyond traditional intranets.
Slite is a space for teams to write and organize their knowledge. It's writing for modern teams: a light editor, a channels based interface and collaborative features. With Slite, your team's information becomes organized and retrievable. Slite's a clean collaborative space for your team to write and organize their work: from meeting notes, to wikis, to brainstorm docs.
An ultimate platform to gather and process feedback. Presented by community portal. Pricing starts from $15/month. Could be used as a self-hosted solution installed on your server or Cloud option, UseResponse can be embedded and deployed easily An ultimate platform to gather and process feedback. Presented by community portal. Pricing starts from $15/month.
Quickly and easily get to grips with your company-wide knowledge with MyHubs cloud-based intranet software. MyHub is a low-cost intranet solution that provides an out of the box intranet with a range of powerful business tools designed to improve internal communications, knowledge management, and employee engagement. Such as staff directory, profiles, secure login, mobile friendly, document/file storage, blogs, forums, custom pages. Create your perfect intranet quickly and easily with MyHubs low-cost, cloud-based intranet, complete with powerful business tools.
In-App Knowledge Base to help you reduce the number of support tickets that you manage every day. Users can find answer to their question when they need it the most: in your app. No need to leave, they can search through your knowledge base and contact you thanks to Support Hero. The best part? We help you to write better Knowledge Base by showing you what users are looking for and what you can improve. Try it today! In-App Knowledge Base to help you reduce Support Tickets work by more than 40%.
With ProcedureFlow, following company processes has never been easier. Ditch the 200 page manual that no one reads and create standard operating procedures that people actually enjoy using. Use small hyperlinked flowcharts to represent complex expert knowledge and once employees can see inside the heads of your experts, use the flows to reduce training and mentoring by 50-90%. When you represent expert knowledge as a visual map, you give people the confidence to start the work sooner.
Bold360's knowledge base software creates a centralized, intelligent home for your company knowledge, so your agents and AI chatbots are always armed with everything they need to create great outcomes. Bold360's knowledge management system identifies friction points and gaps where new knowledge articles are required. You'll know exactly where to focus in order to work more efficiently. Bold360's knowledge base software creates a centralized, intelligent home for your agents and AI bots to access company knowledge.
XWiki is a powerful Open Source collaborative platform allowing companies of all sizes to save time and money while enhancing collaboration on both team and organizational level. Being focused on strengthening communication and efficient collaboration, XWiki redefines the value of business knowledge by allowing any user to access critical information in a fast and efficient way while reducing the organizational silos. XWiki is an Open Source collaborative platform allowing companies of all sizes to save time and money by enhancing collaboration.
G Suite only Intranet - Happeo provides users with a customizable digital workspace. Organize your content and create your own knowledge base. As an admin, control user permission and grant access or take out employees from Pages or Channels when onboarding a new arrival or removing someone. Use the extensive search feature to look for People, through Docs, Sheets and more, anywhere in Happeo. Additionally, your Happeo Portal is customizable to fit your company's brand, culture, or processes. G Suite only intranet for employees. Manage access, discuss topics in forums and collaborate on documents, editable directly in Happeo.
Starmind unlocks employees collective intelligence and expertise to supercharge productivity, innovation and career development. Patented artificial intelligence identifies subject matter experts across enterprises, accesses undocumented knowledge and generates employee skill profiles that are the foundation for upskilling, re-skilling and workforce planning. Starmind has helped businesses worldwide gain over $1.4 billion as a result of productivity savings. Solving the talent, expertise and skill gap challenge by unlocking the collective intelligence and expertise of your organization.
Knowledge management tool that captures knowledge from across the organization through group ownership, subscriptions, and workflow. Knowledge management tool that captures knowledge from across the organization through group ownership, subscriptions, and workflow.
Wix Answers knowledge management platform is built around self-service, enabling your knowledge to be spread everywhere within site and product, for both customers and internal teams to use. Wix Answers users get to create a custom branded knowledge base and scale it globally with a built-in side by side translation. It lets customers, agents, and internal teams quickly find answers with support articles, guides, and FAQs. Wix Answers Knowledge Base is a smart and powerful knowledge management solution for both internal and external use.
Generis provides CARA, the leading content and information management platform for regulated industries. CARA is used by more than 400,000 users across industries including Life Sciences, Finance, Government, Engineering, and Utilities. Customers include 8 of the global top 10 Life Science companies. CARA is a cloud-first platform providing functionally-rich solutions for regulated business processes, including a comprehensive end-to-end platform for Life Sciences. Generis CARA is a leading content and information management platform for regulated industries.
SaaS portal software for sales enablement to help share knowledge. SaaS portal software for sales enablement to help share knowledge.
Web-based solution that provides knowledge management through customer service, online CRM, contact forms, ticketing and more. Web-based solution that provides knowledge management through customer service, online CRM, contact forms, ticketing and more.
ProProfs Knowledge Base software provides the ultimate solution for creating a self-service knowledge base, FAQs, manuals, documentation, and more. Manage knowledge, reduce customer support tickets, improve team collaboration, and much more with the help of this simple and powerful tool. Write and edit content with our online editor, set workflows, save various versions of your document, and publish it in a click. Identify loopholes and bridge knowledge gaps with our insightful reports. Rated #1 knowledge management software. Trusted by millions and has been used by brands like Acer, Adobe, Duracell, and many more.
5,000,000+ users. Knowledge management software that unifies teams and accelerates growth. Increase productivity. Unite employees. Improve culture. We know the process of implementing a new knowledge management system can be daunting, so Axero makes it easy. 1) We Plan 2) We Build 3) You Thrive. Axero is trusted by some of the world's most thriving companies, 99% of which are still actively using the platform after 5 years. Contact us today for a free consultation. Replace your outdated knowledge management system with Communifire. 100% useful. 100% customizable. 100% loved by 5 million+ people.
Collaborative 3d mind mapping that enables breakthrough thinking wherever and whenever it is most needed. Collaborative 3d mind mapping that enables breakthrough thinking wherever and whenever it is most needed.
A customer management suite that is built for customer support people, by customer support people. We simplified the way organizations like you manage customers and by combining all the tools you need into one single platform; we make your life easier, your team leaner, more insightful and give your customers a unified experience which is why Fortune 500 companies like 3M chose us to manage their customers. After all, once you get your valued customers, its our job to ensure you keep them. Best value on the market by combining all the tools into a single intuitive platform.
Online documentation and knowledge base tool. Browser-based solution that works everywhere, you just need a web browser. Online environment for teams to collaborate on user manuals, guides, FAQs and KBs; as well as a user-facing documentation site where you publish and update your content easily. Supports single-sourcing, SSO, password-protected documentation, export to printed formats, a lot of integrations, and more. Online documentation and knowledge base tool. Supports teamwork, single-sourcing, SSO, password-protected documents, printed export ...
We are a web-based documentation platform that enables businesses to build, maintain, and publish excellent product documentation in multiple languages. Our platform helps you analyze how your customers interact with your documentation and provide you with insights on how to improve your docs. We are a web-based documentation platform that enables businesses to build, maintain, and publish excellent product documentation.
Nuclino offers an easy way to organize and share knowledge in teams. Users can create real-time collaborative documents and connect them instantly like a wiki. Use the tree, board, and graph view to explore and organize your knowledge visually. It's great for meeting notes, product requirements, docs, decisions, and more. Some notable features include a WYSIWYG collaborative real-time editor and the visual representation of a team's knowledge in a graph. Web-based collaboration and management solution that brings team members together via workspaces, visual boards, and document sharing.
Bring your team's playbook together in one place. Method Grid provides a highly flexible, yet incredibly simple grid system to capture your repeatable best practice (knowledge, processes and methodology) and to manage/track your team's workflow/progress. The simple grid system allows you to map anything your team does and the flexible grid elements allow you to display your content in a way that best suits your team - text areas, images, videos, internal and external links, documents, checklists Knowledge and project management combined - capture, share, deliver and track repeatable best practice.
KBPublisher can help you give customers the answers they need and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. It can help your employees acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time, and driving higher performance and job satisfaction. A knowledge base improves staff productivity and eliminates time wasted searching for information. KBPublisher is Knowledge Management Software. It reduces the need for customer support and improves staff productivity.
Knowledge management tool that enables decision making and workflow through agile processes, systems engineering and more. Knowledge management tool that enables decision making and workflow through agile processes, systems engineering and more.
The Novo Knowledge Base allows you to quickly & easily begin to capture and provide departmentally secured access to your organizational knowledge. Our easy-to-use software is an ideal solution for small or large organizations who need a central repository to store information for Customer Support, Company Intranet, Employee Training, and more. Provide faster problem resolution and 24x7 Web customer self service, reduce call volume and centralize & retain employee knowledge. Free Trial! Allows you to quickly and easily capture and provide departmentally secured access to your organizational knowledge.
ScreenSteps is designed to help you document your internal procedures, manage them in an online knowledge base, and deliver procedures to employees in the moment your employees need answers. Cloud software for creating, managing, and delivering SOPs to internal employees.
All-in-One connected platform laying the foundations to a successful digital transition promoting better knowledge management, more robust process inspection & operation control, as well as accelerated communication & problem-solving. In addition to offering unparalleled visibility on all human operations, Tervene enables structured communications and enhanced operational management. Connected platform enabling: - knowledge management; - process inspection & operation control; - problem-solving ecosystem.
Knowledge Center is the leading knowledge management platform for contact centers. We help your customer facing agents with relevant, easy to understand knowledge so that they can provide better, more efficient customer service. Dealing with the sheer volume of information is harder than actually finding it. How can so many answers be at our fingertips except when we contact customer service? Our goal is to make customer service as simple as a Google search. Knowledge Center centralizes your company's knowledge and enables agents to provide quick, accurate and up-to-date support information.
SmartSupport is a knowledge base management solution - a single platform application for connecting people with answers. Our software is intuitive, easy to integrate into any web-based environment, and offers advanced tools for managing a knowledge base: easy real-time editing and authoring, agent templates and work-flows, community forums and comments, and full access to our world class knowledge management team. Most importantly, it is cost effective - expect an ROI within six months or less. SmartSupport Knowledge Base Software helps your customers and agents quickly and intuitively find the information they need.
Answerbase is a Q&A knowledge sharing platform, allowing your users to effectively request information and receive answers from the most capable resource while automating the answering of questions by up to 60%. It allows users to ask questions, receive quality answers, and browse helpful content & articles to effectively meet the information demands of your customers about your products and services. Each system comes with admin tools to customize, manage and grow an efficient knowledge base. A Q&A knowledge sharing platform allowing users to ask questions, receive answers, and browse content and articles.
Manage Employee Requests for IT, HR, Facilities and Office Manager. Collect, manage and resolve tickets in Slack in real-time. OfficeAmp makes it easy for office managers and admins to run an efficient workplace by giving employees a one-stop shop for all of their requests and questions. Need a snack in a pantry? Want to book a flight? Order some lunch? No more emails, texts or calls. Simply message OfficeAmp and get stuff done around the office. Easily collect, manage, resolve issues related to office operations. Categorize & assign tasks within Slack - where your team works!
Our FAQ Knowledge Base lets your users find their own answers via natural language search or browse. Complete look and feel control. Fully responsive. Use your own domain. Collect user feedback. Extensive publishing and approval options. Turn tasks and procedures into Workflows. Easily create forms, surveys, wizards, questionnaires. We also plug into 1500+ other apps! Malcolm! can be fully hosted by us or bring into your current site via embeds, widgets, plugins, pop-ups etc. Our FAQ Knowledge Base lets your users find their own answers via natural language search or browse.
SwipeGuide provides an intuitive platform to create enhanced-reality work instructions in a matter of minutes. Machine operators and field service engineers visualize, standardize, and execute digital instructions on mobile devices and smart glasses. The next-generation instruction software that enables companies to create, distribute, and track visual work instructions effortlessly.
Capacity is a secure, AI-native support automation platform to help you and your team save time and work smarter. With the help of state-of-the-art AI, companies such as USA Mortgage, Newell Brands, Penguin Random House, and many more are turning to Capacity for their knowledge base, helpdesk and workflow automation needs. Thousands of employees at organizations large and small use Capacity to help do their best work. See what Capacity can do for you, your customers, and your team today! Capacity is a secure, AI-native support automation platform to help you and your team save time and work smarter.
Transform the way your organisation learns by powering your content on SmartUp, a mobile-first, gamified, microlearning platform. Our peer-to-peer content management tool makes it incredibly easy for teams to contribute learning to your community. Content can be reviewed and edited before publishing to ensure messaging is on-point and validated. Unlimited platform access with dedicated support starts at US$4.00/user/month. A market-leading learning experience platform and consultancy, helping organisations create a highly engaged learning culture.
Software for creating on-line manuals, user guides, help files, and support documentation for software products and services. Software for creating on-line manuals, user guides, help files, and support documentation for software products and services.
ExxpertApps is an all-in-one Next Generation Business Application in the cloud. It improves your business performance in the areas of development, sales, marketing, procurement, training, project management, and invoicing. With a single integrated application, you can manage, contacts, companies, customers, providers, projects, opportunities, internal resources, email campaigns, landing pages, surveys, online sales / procurement / payments, invoices, enterprise communications, etc.. ExxpertApps is an all-in-one Next Generation Business Application in the cloud for sales, marketing, project management & invoicing
ECM (Enterprise Content Management) puts business content to work and allows organizations to realize new value. Collaborating in the cloud, managing records, mitigating risk, capturing documents, improving employee productivity. IBM Enterprise Content Management allows businesses to access, analyze, and act on business content.
Moxie Knowledge Management Software provides instant and accurate information for customers and employees. Moxie Knowledge Management Software provides instant and accurate information for customers and employees.
PHPKB is the leading fully responsive web-based knowledge management software that allow support teams to create knowledge base articles to share step-by-step instructions and guides, along workarounds and solutions to common problems. It enables your organization to locate, capture and share information with staff and customers. Leading web-based fully responsive knowledge management software. Enables your organization to locate, capture and share information.
Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software that enables you to create, maintain and actively use a Business Operations Manual by making policies and procedures a natural part of daily workflow. Our practical tools are a perfect fusion of business process management, knowledge management and compliance. Managers assign tasks, create automatic reminders, and monitor workflow, while team members use procedures and follow processes from any location, so work is seamless and nothing is forgotten. Way We Do is cloud-based SOP Software that seamlessly integrates policies, procedures and checklists into the team's daily workflow.
HelpDocs makes it super simple to create a fantastic self-serve knowledge base experience for your customers and team. Help Customers Help Themselves with a Knowledge Base

Knowledge Management Software Buyers Guide

What is knowledge management software?

Knowledge management software is a centralized, searchable repository of digital documents such as PDF, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, audios, and videos. It allows users to capture, preserve, organize, and share business information, strategies, and ideas. It offers a self-service portal for sharing information internally and externally with customers or clients.

Organizations can use the software for various activities such as training, inculcating best practices for processes and projects, and creating FAQs.

The benefits of knowledge management software

Knowledge management software allows organizations to preserve the knowledge that employees have gained with time and experience, as well as share it with others. Here’s a list of the benefits of using this software:

  • Improve employee training: The solution helps businesses document information such as industry knowledge, employee skillsets, and best practices. Storing this data on a self-service portal makes it easy for employees to learn from peers and industry leaders as per their convenience. The tool can also onboard new hires quickly as they’ll have all the training resources at their disposal. 
  • Speed-up access to information: The comprehensive knowledge base would make it easy for employees to quickly find answers to their queries. You can also share the database with customers and clients in the form of an FAQ portal. The software would ensure that answers are consistent, accurate, and the response time is short. 
  • Troubleshoot queries more efficiently: The software allows you to track and monitor trends in customer and employee concerns/queries. These trends can help you eliminate problems, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Typical features of knowledge management software

  • Knowledge base management: Create and store documents in a centralized database that works as an organized repository for knowledge retrieval.
  • Full text search: Search for specific keywords in entire documents, not just limited sections.
  • Access controls: Define access levels for different files and folders. Assign different permissions to users within the organization.
  • Cataloging: Organize documents based on similar tags and keywords.
  • Collaboration: Work together on projects by sharing information with colleagues in real time.
  • Content management: Create, deliver, and govern information in multiple formats, within a collaborative environment.
  • Discussion boards: Ask questions and share ideas via online forums or groups.
  • Self-service portal: Access the knowledge base, discussion boards, and supporting tools, such as a messaging service and ticket tracker, on a single platform. 
  • Text editor: Allow users to edit text from within the application via a built-in editor.

Considerations when purchasing knowledge management software

  • Aligning business objectives: Each vendor offers different features for distinct business needs. While some solutions are designed to be customer helpdesks, others are designed as collaborative tools to manage ideas and projects. Before purchasing a solution, list your business needs and match those to the software’s features. Also, create a roadmap to integrate the software into your processes and information systems.
  • Ensuring data security and privacy: This is vital, so check where your data will be hosted and the security measures to protect it. You can choose to deploy on the cloud (where the data is hosted on third-party/vendor servers) or on-premise (hosted on your own servers). Review the measures for both options and assess which option would suit your business. Also, verify the security provider’s compliance certifications.
  • Assessing the total software costs: The price of the software can vary from free to a few hundred dollars. To avoid overpaying for or underusing the software, ensure that the pricing plan you select has all the features to meet your basic needs. You may not need some of the advanced features or the full suite, which will reduce the software cost. Also, participate in free trials and demos to better assess the solutions you shortlist.
  • Increasing use of AI to filter information: Knowledge management software providers are leveraging AI to autotag content as per categories, making search indexing more efficient. They are also using AI to auto recommend content when users type queries into the built-in search bar, live chat, or email. This helps them discover relevant information at the right time. 
  • Compatibility with mobile devices: Sixty percent of employees use mobile apps for work-related tasks, and 71% spend more than two hours a week accessing company information on mobile phones. Based on this trend, knowledge management software vendors are offering mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, to ensure that users can access information on smartphones without having to compromise on the experience.