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The ConnectWise Automate, formerly LabTech, remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform will enable you to find, repair and maintain your clients IT assets remotely through a single interface, as well as automate redundant tasks and proactively resolve issues before they become full-blown problems. See for yourself, start your free trial! Learn more about ConnectWise Automate Compile data, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices. Group by OS, application or location. Learn more about ConnectWise Automate
The SolarWinds® N-central® remote monitoring and management platform is designed to help managed service providers handle complex networks with ease. With extensive automation and in-depth configurability options, security features like antivirus and patch management, and integrated backup, N-central is built to help MSP businesses efficiently manage intricate networks from one easy-to-use platform. Learn more about SolarWinds N-central The SolarWinds® N-central® remote monitoring and management platform is designed make managing complex IT networks simple. Learn more about SolarWinds N-central
Perimeter 81 is the ultimate secure network access service for your organization. Say goodbye to costly hardware, tedious installation and hours of help desk support. Instantly grant employees secure access to critical company resources based on-premise, on the web or in the cloud. Deploy private VPN servers with static IPs in a matter of seconds and gain unparalleled network visibility with a complete management portal. Includes single-click apps for every device. Learn more about Perimeter 81 A single-click, cost-effective cloud VPN that ensures simplified secure network and SaaS resource access for businesses of all sizes. Learn more about Perimeter 81
NinjaRMM is an all-in-one SaaS IT monitoring and management platform. Monitor a host of information, including software and hardware inventory, disk and volume information and usage, processors, memory, user and event logs, and network adapters and utilization. Built on an easy and intuitive cloud-based platform with a robust set of features, you can get up and running in 5 minutes, no servers required. Learn more about NinjaRMM NinjaRMM is the easiest, all-in-one remote IT management and monitoring solution that IT professionals love. Learn more about NinjaRMM
View, secure, control and manage your assets in one place with SysAid IT Asset Management (ITAM) and simplify your asset tracking and inventory. Take action and efficiently manage your IT environment using a solution that is fully integrated with SysAid Help Desk. Get the right data where you need it, when you need it, with a solution that automatically displays relevant information in your tickets. Learn more about SysAid Easily manage all your Asset Management activities with a proven IT solution. Youll find all the essentials you need in one dashboard. Learn more about SysAid
Device42 is the most comprehensive discovery system for Hybrid IT available today. Continuously discover, map, and optimize infrastructure and applications across data center and cloud environments. Device42 intelligently groups discovered workloads by application affinities, dramatically reducing the effort required to create move groups, capturing all communications. Customers across 60 countries use these capabilities to manage and modernize their IT infrastructure and application landscapes. Learn more about Device42 ITAM Software: Track complete hardware & software asset life-cycles, licenses, contracts, certificates, renewal reminders, and more! Learn more about Device42
Jira Service Desk is rated the #1 Most Popular and Affordable ITSM software. Built on Atlassian's Jira Software, Jira Service Desk has everything your IT teams need out-of-the-box including automation rules, SLAs, real-time reporting, and ITIL-certified processes like incident, problem, and change management. Deliver great service, at a fraction of the cost and set up time of competitors. Learn more about Jira Service Desk Jira Service Desk is service desk software built for modern IT teams starting at only $10 per month. Try it free: https://www.atlassian Learn more about Jira Service Desk
Pulseway's asset tracking and management platform is the most advanced and flexible system in the industry for managing and monitoring your assets. With built in powerful automation, network discovery, remote control and reporting, you can always keep on top of your IT assets. Learn more about Pulseway Pulseway's asset tracking and management platform is the most advanced and flexible system in the industry for managing your IT assets. Learn more about Pulseway
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RepoPro helps enterprises manage their assets through a unified, central repository using automation and a rich visualization of relationships between assets. You can now store, manage and find asset information accurately owing to a built-in shared communication channel that automates the process of exchanging metadata and information. Dynamic visualizations and insights enable Project and Program managers to plan better by foreseeing dependencies. Learn more about RepoPro RepoPro is an enterprise storage system that enables businesses to centrally store and manage information about their IT assets. Learn more about RepoPro
Netwrix Auditor complements IT asset inventory and management tools by enabling control over hardware, software and other critical assets in your IT environment, so that you can adhere to ITAM best practices. Simplify regular Windows Server inventory, enable better control over software installed on your servers, identify file storages with sensitive data and monitor risks to your most critical assets. Learn more about Netwrix Auditor Optimize your IT asset management process and minimize security risks Learn more about Netwrix Auditor
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AssetBlox is a Cloud SAAS platform featuring a web console, Dashboard & Asset Management scanning smartphone app. AssetBlox is designed to provide easy to use, key functionality, out of the box including: - Hardware & software info via installed agent - Geolocation on barcode or RFID scan - Date management & alerting - Financial Depreciation, Asset Valuation and future Budget creation - Software lifecycle mgmt including License control - Windows update mgmt Get up & Running in Hours Learn more about AssetBlox Cloud hosted SAAS platform featuring a web UI Dashboard and a connected asset management scanning smartphone app. Learn more about AssetBlox
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Softeligent is a single-platform SaaS solution for internal management and analytics across the entire spectrum of the IT service catalog. This includes, but is not limited to, IT Financial Management (ITFM), facilitating cost allocation & internal billing chargeback processes, Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM), as well as Hardware Asset & Inventory Management. Learn more about Softeligent Softeligent is the all-in-one I.T. & Telecom Financial, Asset and Service Management automation platform Learn more about Softeligent
UpKeep's IT Asset Management Software is a modern maintenance and asset management solution for your team. From your desktop to your phone and even your tablet, UpKeep is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Create work orders on-the-go, get notifications when tasks are updated, and receive alerts straight from your app when assets go down making your business run more efficiently than ever before. Learn more about UpKeep UpKeep is rated the #1 mobile-first IT Asset Management Solution to streamline work orders, facility, and asset management. Learn more about UpKeep
Manage the complete IT asset lifecycle for your remote workforce with easy-to-use, cloud-based IT Asset Management software. Reduce downtime, ensure software license compliance, and speed up troubleshooting by tracking all hardware including Windows/Mac devices as well as software. Maintain complete visibility into your IT landscape with full asset management, purchase orders, maintenance, usage optimization. Seamlessly integrated with Zendesk, Jira helpdesks, as well as SCCM, JAMF, many others. Learn more about EZOfficeInventory IT Asset Management has never been more important than in today's remote environment. Integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, Jira etc. Learn more about EZOfficeInventory
Internal IT departments and MSPs use Kaseya VSA for discovery, inventory and management of on and off network devices. Including SNMP and agentless devices. Get full visibility into hardware and software asset information. Powerful automation allows you to automate common IT processes like patch management. Get real-time visibility to the patch status of the devices in your IT environment. Learn more about Kaseya VSA Deliver better service and improve your team's efficiency - manage and automate all of IT with Kaseya VSA. Sign up for a free demo now! Learn more about Kaseya VSA
Atera is a cloud-based managed IT services platform that provides a powerful and integrated solution built for MSPs, IT consultants, VARs and IT departments. Atera includes: remote monitoring and management (RMM), network discovery, remote access, ticketing, PSA, reports, billing and so much more. Atera's disruptive pricing model allows users to pay a fixed monthly cost that includes unlimited devices and endpoints, offering fixed, transparent and predictable pricing. Try 100% free for 30-days. Learn more about Atera Atera is the ultimate all-in-one RMM Software for MSPs and IT Pros. Fixed Cost with unlimited devices, Its that simple. Try for free. Learn more about Atera
Caspio is the world's leading LOW-CODE platform for building IT Asset Management applications without coding. Ranked a Leader by Forrester Research, the all-in-one platform provides everything you need to digitally transform business operations and workflows. It includes an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure. See why Caspio is trusted by over 12,000 companies worldwide. Try it for FREE. Learn more about Caspio Caspio is the world's leading LOW-CODE platform for building IT Asset Management applications without coding. Learn more about Caspio
Sortly is a super simple inventory and asset tracking system to visually track your IT assets and any of their details including location, price, condition, lending details etc for a more intuitive (and less maddening) way to keep track your items. Create a free account and get started today. Features: - Access on Computer (web), Tablet, Smartphone - Give team or customers access - Create or connect to any barcodes or QR codes - Check in/out scanner (in-built) - Custom fields Learn more about Sortly The industry's simplest (mobile first) IT Asset and inventory tracking system. Trusted by 1000's of businesses. Try it for free today. Learn more about Sortly
IT Asset Discovery and Inventory from Cloud Management Suite allows you to get started on the right path with network discovery and inventory tools, providing real-time access to whats in your environment. Access the historical data in our Inventory History feature to identify problems and security issues by comparing the configuration of a machine over unique points in time. Learn more about Syxsense Manage Stay one step ahead of any threat with advanced and proactive endpoint security that predicts, detects, and neutralizes vulnerabilities Learn more about Syxsense Manage
Awarded "Best Overall Value" from Info-Tech Research Group for the 3rd year in a row, Agiloft offers a complete IT Asset Management solution out of the box, along with the ability to quickly customize the solution to your exact needs at a fraction of the cost of competing vendors. Our agile platform allows us to customize it for you live during the demo - so you get a trial system you can actually use and a fast, affordable deployment. Start today with a custom demo. Learn more about Agiloft Winner of Info-Tech analyst awards. Flexible IT Asset Management ensures a rapid implementation of even the most complex workflows. Learn more about Agiloft
Nlyte provides complete management for the Hybrid Digital Infrastructure. Nlyte automates the inventory process for accurate accountability of what you have and where it is - helps secure assets, infrastructure, and data flow by monitoring changes and alerting on deployment and access exceptions - helps maintain assets by monitoring for currency and efficient usage. Nlyte software deliver cost management, resource efficiency-space, workflow optimization, while de-risking from disruptions. Learn more about Nlyte DCIM Gartner identified Nlyte as providing cornerstone technology for the evolving Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) space. Learn more about Nlyte DCIM
Canfigure has been designed to provide a scalable, cost effective solution. Its library of well-designed modules enables you to implement only the functionality you require, and then expand at a pace that suits you. The out-of-the-box functionality includes support for integrated CMDB, Asset Management, Change Management and Service Desk. The intuitive administrative functions enable you to customize and expand the database to incorporate any configuration information you may wish to track. Learn more about Canfigure Canfigure is a modular ITSM and ITAM solution based on ITIL principles. Canfigure can be deployed on premise or cloud hosted. Learn more about Canfigure
Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Snow License Manager to help them avoid overspending on software entitlements while ensuring that they are fully compliant with licensing rules. Learn more about Snow License Manager With millions of licenses sold, Snow License Manager is the world's leading SAM solution. Learn more about Snow License Manager
SpaceRunner surpasses conventional asset management SaaS products by empowering users with its live Excel integration, powerful applied calculations, and conditional formatting rules. With SpaceRunner, easily synchronize BIM data creating dynamic visual icons linked together with limitless parent-child relationships. By adding real-time sensor data feeds, you can fully realize a true digital twin of your facility. Don't get left behind, join the future of asset management with SpaceRunner. Learn more about SpaceRunner SpaceRunner is a web-based planning and management solution that visualizes equipment, assets, and other data on any virtual image. Learn more about SpaceRunner
Track every device. Remediate every issue. Get granular control over your Apple fleet. Kandji is the modern Apple MDM solution for IT teams that manage macOS, iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices at medium-to-large businesses. Features include zero-touch deployment, app management, automated patching, one-click security and compliance templates, and 150+ pre-built device controls that automatically remediate, even if your devices are offline. Learn more about Kandji Kandji is the MDM worthy of your Apple devices. You've chosen Apple and we've designed a device management experience to match. Learn more about Kandji
TOPIA is a comprehensive vulnerability management platform that enables companies to stay ahead of the curve, save time and patch less. With its proprietary software, TOPIA gives companies the tools to analyze and prioritize third-party app vulnerabilities, and the power to act before they can be exploited. No patch? No problem. TOPIA¿s innovative patchless-protection feature secures apps without the need to patch, saving time and neutralizing vulnerabilities. Learn more about TOPIA Patch-less Vulnerability Management Learn more about TOPIA
Web Tracks is Help Desk, PC Inventory, Asset Management, and Purchasing Software all in one package. The program audits and keeps track of Computers, related peripherals, software assets & licensing, documentation, purchasing and help desk requests. Simple Clean 100% Web Based Interface. Learn more about Web Tracks Audits and tracks PC's, peripherals, software media, licensing & documentation, purchasing and help desk tickets & more. Learn more about Web Tracks
Ensure software compliance, lower hardware downtime, and always be audit-ready with our powerful IT asset management solution. Get complete visibility into your IT infrastructure by IT asset lifecycle management, software license tracking, detailed insights and timely alerts. We also play well with service desks like Jira & Zendesk and device management tools like Jamf & SCCM so you have a single source of truth regarding your IT assets. Try It For Free! Learn more about AssetSonar Ensure software compliance, lower hardware downtime, and always be audit-ready with an easy-to-use IT asset management solution. Learn more about AssetSonar
Miradore Management Suite takes all your IT needs in hand, with easy integration and no upfront costs. Manage and optimize your hardware and software assets, while automating routines like deployments, patches and configurations. Move from reactive to proactive maintenance to enjoy improved security, and increase user happiness with timely remote support. Learn more about Miradore Management Suite Manage your entire IT environment through a single intuitive web interface. Learn more about Miradore Management Suite
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Docusnap makes your company's IT transparent. The B2B software captures information of the network infrastructure, hardware and software as well as common application servers. It generates reports and maps of your network. You can create contingency plans and operation manuals. In addition, the software analyzes who has access to which data and whether your software is licensed correctly. Learn more about Docusnap Docusnap is the perfect All-in-one Solution for your IT Documentation. Learn more about Docusnap
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Certero for Enterprise ITAM is the easiest, fastest and most resource-efficient way to discover, inventory and manage your IT assets, from mobile to desktop, datacenter to cloud. While most ITAM platforms are comprised of legacy technologies and brittle integrations, Certero for Enterprise ITAM is part of the Certero Unified Platform, taking full advantage of hyperscalable SaaS architecture and provisioning to offer a customer experience thats second-to-none. Learn more about Certero for Enterprise ITAM Integrated IT Asset Management solution delivering full discovery and inventory across the technology estate. Learn more about Certero for Enterprise ITAM
Asset Panda is a powerful IT Asset Tracking platform Cloud/Mobile (IOS/Android) . We make it easy to track, manage and support your IT assets. Our software is configured to the way you work, secure and leverages the mobile devices your employees already carry. Features: Check In/Out, Barcode scan, parent/child, robust reporting, support ticketing workflow, full life cycle management, depreciation, API, role based security and much more. Get a free guided demo today! Rated excellent by PC Mag! IT Asset tracking platform Cloud/Mobile (IOS/Android). Rated Excellent by PC Magazine. Get a free guided demo today!
SolarWinds Service Desk is a fully integrated IT service desk and IT asset management solution. Easily track, monitor, and analyze your assets, including hardware, software, contracts, purchase orders, licenses, and warranties all in one place. Automatically scan your network to discover and update asset data. Streamline ticket resolution by aligning incidents to impacted assets, automatically capturing asset incident history, and automating ticket routing and priority using AI. SolarWinds Service Desk provides fully integrated asset management and service management for IT teams to resolve issues quickly
Maintain inventory of your organization's IT and non-IT assets like contracts, hardware, software, and track asset details throughout its lifecycle with Freshservice's asset management. The tool puts a refreshing user experience on top of powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities like auto-discovery of new resources, powerful configuration management, and enhanced impact analysis. Manage your Assets from Purchase till Retirement with Ease
Jamf Pro is a complete device management solution for IT pros to simplify the deployment, inventory and security of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. Designed to automate device management while driving end-user productivity, Jamf Pro is the EMM tool that delights IT pros and the users they support by delivering on the promise of unified endpoint management for Apple devices. The IT experience you want is within reach. Request a free trial and become an IT superhero today. A complete Mobile Device Management solution for IT pros to simplify the deployment, inventory, and security of Apple devices.
LogMeIn Central is a powerful, easy-to-use endpoint management solution enabling IT professionals to effectively monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint infrastructure. Whether you have remote employees or endpoints scattered across the globe, LogMeIn Central provides IT organizations with the speed, flexibility, and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce IT costs, and mitigate risk. Simplified endpoint management for desktops, servers, and mobile laptops.
Comprehensive system for managing dispersed IT assets. Integrates with Oracle financial and CRM IT Help Desk systems. Comprehensive system for managing dispersed IT assets. Integrates with Oracle financial and CRM IT Help Desk systems.
GoCodes provides a straightforward IT asset tracking solution for small and mid-size companies. Keep track of your IT and office assets using our patented QR code tags. Check in/out equipment in seconds using our mobile apps as well as managing warranty and service records. Our cloud-based single-vendor solution includes custom poly tags so you¿re up and running fast. Automatically tracks the location of your assets so you can view them on a map. We provide an easy-to-use IT asset & inventory tracking solution that harnesses the power of smartphones, QR codes and cloud software
PagerDuty is an agile incident management solution that integrates with ITOps and DevOps monitoring stacks to improve operational reliability and agility. From enriching and aggregating events to correlating them into actionable alerts, PagerDuty streamlines the incident management lifecycle by reducing noise and resolution times. PagerDuty offers hundreds of native integrations with operations tools, as well as automated scheduling, advanced reporting, and guaranteed reliability. Cloud software that connects people, systems & data into a single view for visibility and actionable intelligence across operations.
Cherwell Asset Management is designed for organizations seeking large reductions in software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk. By integrating all the data related to hardware and software inventory, application usage, license entitlements, and IT purchases, you can seamlessly track and manage IT investments from purchase to retirement and abandon Excel spreadsheets. Reduce Software License Spending, IT Overhead, and Software Audit Risk with Cherwell Asset Management
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a Help Desk and Asset Management Software. It offers an Integrated Package with Incident Management(Trouble Ticketing), Asset Tracking, Purchasing, Contract Management, Self-Service Portal, and Knowledge Base at an Affordable Price Point. ServiceDesk Plus provides all that you need to have a Full-Fledged IT Help Desk and a Productive Help Desk Staff. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is available in both On-Premise and On-Demand. Help Desk Support Software and Asset Management Tool includes, Knowledgebase, SLA Management, Ticket Tracking, Inventory Management.
IT devices are the mainstay of every organization. It's difficult to imagine a workplace operating smoothly without any or all of these. Accurately tracking these assets is as important as sourcing them, which is exactly what this app does. From hardware to software, desktop to mobile, keep tabs on every IT asset your organization owns, without breaking a sweat. Customize this app for the web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Try for free! Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that helps you build a custom, mobile ready apps to run your business.
BMC Helix IT Service Management revolutionizes enterprise service management. Delivered on-premises or in the cloud, Helix ITSM is a configurable and extensible platform radically redesigned to meet the needs of any transformative IT organization. Easier to use, faster to deploy, and packed with the latest innovations in service management, Helix IT Service Management is the most complete and capable IT service management for your enterprise. Radically redesigned to set a new standard for IT service management on-premises or in the cloud.
The BOSS Solutions Suite is a fully integrated ITIL based Service Desk/Help Desk and IT Asset Management solution available on-premise or on the cloud. It incorporates capabilities for ensuring a productive and efficient remote work experience including an award winning user-friendly interface and a powerful Service Catalog. BOSS has been highly ranked by customers for providing an affordable ITSM solution with great user experience, wide range of features, and excellent customer support. The BOSS Solutions Suite is an award winning fully integrated Help Desk / ITSM solution available both on the Cloud and On-Premise.
A simple to use, mobile first maintenance software solution that allows you to easily manage assets, PMs, WOs and more. A simple to use, mobile first maintenance software solution that allows you to easily manage assets, PMs, WOs and more.
Mojo Helpdesk is the super simple help desk app for customer service, IT requests, Maintenance request, and more. Here are 5 reasons to get started with Mojo Helpdesk today. 1) Feel the comfort of ticket tracking right from your inbox. 2) Built-in reports to measure and improve customer satisfaction, response time, and more. 3) Keep storage needs to a minimum, ticket histories stored in the cloud. 4) Self-service tool guarantees 50% fewer help desk ticket. 5) Free 30-day trial on any plan! Your all-in-one resource to create, review, and track support tickets to provide better customer service and stay organized.
GigaTrak's Asset Tracking Software can easily check-in and check-out assets that can be assigned or tracked to a location or person. Our asset tracking system retains records of usage, maintenance, and history of assets. Everything is logged using a barcode scanning system via a standardized check in/out process. Keeping a historical data trail for each asset helps to locate assets when needed, reduces disruptions in operations, and avoids the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements. GigaTraks Asset Tracking Software can easily check-in and check-out assets that can be assigned or tracked to a location or person.
WebCheckout is an asset management software application that gives you vast flexibility for organizing and reporting on your assets. Save unlimited custom fields, monitor usage, assign assets to locations, and track your equipment from purchase to retirement. Choose from several add-on solutions like self-booking, repair and preventative maintenance ticketing, billing, personnel scheduling and more. Schedule, manage and maintain portable and fixed equipment and facility inventories.
Take Control Over IT Assets and Resources With CMDB. Gain deeper insight into critical IT infrastructure with Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Asset Discovery tool. ChangeGear by SunView Software allows you to rapidly deploy and utilize its CMDB to map and manage critical resources such as business services, hardware, software, users, documentation, and configuration - all within one federated database. ChangeGear by SunView Software delivers enterprise-grade ITSM that's fast to implement, easy to configure & less costly to maintain.
Lansweeper is an agentless IT Asset Management solution that can scan any network setup. Use IP range and AD integrated scanning or specify crucial servers to be scanned more regularly. Get a complete inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, switches, monitors, printers, VoIP phones, and other network devices. A wealth of information on hardware as well as software is scanned and can also be used to create reports through the intuitive report editor. Discover Your IT. IT Asset Management Software That Finds & Manages All Assets Across Your Enterprise.
SapphireIMS is the most comprehensive IT Asset Management Solution ever. Progressive organizations use SapphireIMS IT Asset Management solution to track, monitor and manage IT Assets right from procurement until retirement, discover the inventory, and manage compliance all through a single solution. This new-age solution is AI and NLP integrated and leverages RTLS, IoT, barcode, QR code and RFID to intelligently track and manage assets from any corner of the world. SapphireIMS ITAM features include: full Procure to Retire management, Discovery and Inventory, Automation and Compliance & SAM
Cloud-based and globally available, Automox enforces OS & third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom scripting across Windows, Mac, and Linux from a single intuitive console. IT and SecOps can quickly gain control and share visibility of on-prem, remote and virtual endpoints without the need to deploy costly infrastructure. Automox is a cloud-based patch management platform - modern cyber hygiene to raise the world's security confidence.
Ensuring assets are accounted for is critical for any IT organization. That's why we designed Alloy Navigator to keep you financially and contractually sound with a strong set of depreciation and auditing tools. Our loan center ensures easy borrowing while consumable stock management is a breeze. Couple that with the flexible beauty of intelligent workflow and you have a complete IT solution. Alloy Navigator is a real-world solution beautifully designed for real-world customers, built by real-world IT people just like you.
AssetCloud asset management system makes it painless to manage your business valuable assets. Quickly conduct audits, and always know what you have & who has it. The information you need will be at your fingertips with our smartphone (iOS & Android) & tablet capability. For those needing a complete solution, Wasp provides barcode scanners and printers that are 100% compatible with AssetCloud. Puts you in control of your asset tracking needs. Fixed assets, IT asset tracking, tool tracking and more.
FileWave's hybrid approach, including traditional client management for Mac and Windows alongside modern Unified Endpoint Management (UEM,) makes endpoint management simple today, and in the future. FileWave includes IT asset inventory; software packaging and distribution; patch management; and OS imaging and deployment for Mac and Windows. Manage all of your devices, apps, and settings on computers and mobile devices. Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. Inventory and manage devices, apps, and settings on computers and mobile devices. Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS.
Organizations worldwide use Black Duck Softwares industry-leading products to secure and manage open source software, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, open source license compliance and operational risk. Black Duck is headquartered in Burlington, MA, and has offices in Mountain View, CA, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. For more information, visit www.blackducksoftware.com. We secure & manage open source software, eliminating pain related to open source security vulnerabilities & license compliance.
Experience unified endpoint management for PCs and Macs with Parallels Mac Management and Microsoft SCCM and manage Macs similar as PCs. Parallels Mac Management is a Microsoft certified plug-in for SCCM extending its management capabilities to Macs and allows IT administrators to discover, enroll and inventory Macs into SCCM, enforce compliance, administer FileVault 2 encryption, deploy software and patches, deploy macOS images with task sequence steps support. Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM - Manage Mac with Microsoft SCCM the same way as Windows PCs. Full lifecycle management of macOS.
Built exclusively to serve K-12 school systems, One to One Plus helps school systems of all sizes across the United States simplify, integrate and streamline asset, 1:1, inventory, and work order management processes. Our extensive list of features includes: Asset Management, Asset Assignment, Student, Staff, and Location Profiles, Inventory Management, Help Desk Management, Invoicing plus much more. Built exclusively to serve K-12 Schools, One to One Plus helps integrate and streamline asset, 1:1, inventory and help desk management.
Tracks the financial, contractual, & inventory details of hardware, software, & virtual infrastructure, as well as non-IT assets, throughout their lifecycle. Tracks the financial, contractual, & inventory details of hardware, software, & virtual infrastructure, as well as non-IT assets, throu
Bar|Scan uses bar code technology and powerful handheld mobile computers to more accurately track your resources in less time than a manual inventory. Complete bar code system with specialized software designed to meet a company's enterprise-wide asset information needs. a turnkey solution including software, hardware, labels, training, data integration and reconciliation services. Complete bar code system with specialized software designed to meet a company's enterprise-wide asset information needs.
With Unified Device Management, administrators are enabled to deploy software with the use of a single tool. Scheduled patch deployment allows the enablement of policies and application deployment to your Windows PCs and iOS devices. In addition, users can tie in their service history with the integrated Help Desk Solution and self-service IT solution features. Further allowing the management of your asset life cycle a simplified process. SyAM simplifies the management of all your devices across the network. We do this by bringing device configuration data to a centraliz
FlowTrac is a cloud-based and on-premise warehouse management solution that helps companies manage their Inventory, Assets, Warehouse, Work In Process, and other specialty tracking requirements. The solution is suitable and deployed in Commercial, Government, Higher Education, and Humanitarian organizations all over the world. Users can access the system via desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Key features include stand-alone inventory tracking by Quantity, Lot and Quantity. Assets, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Fleet Maintenance, Custom Applications, Work Orders(BOM,Kitting), Inventory Mgmt,
Our product focuses on simplicity. We have all the major features (and more) offered at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Customize a user portal for your end users to login and request items. (SAML SSO is available as well) Check assets in / out to users as well as reserve items to users Mobile apps can scan bar-codes and QR-codes, check assets in / out. Customized and automated reporting User accounts with role based access rights and more.. Our product focuses on simplicity. We have all the major features and offer our service at a fraction of the price of others.
IT management solution that gathers and analyzes data on everything that may impact end-user experience and business productivity. Directly from the workspace, SysTrack captures data such as CPU, RAM, memory, and other 10,000+ data points. These are then analyzed by SysTrack and used by IT in countless ways that lower costs and optimize operations including: lowering the amount of help desk tickets, identifying over and under-provisioning, reducing MTTR and more! SysTrack is an IT management solution for IT support teams to have clear visibility into their environments and end-user experience.
Lockpath brings visibility to risks frequently managed in disparate sources. It aggregates internal data points from all corners of the organization, as well as from assessments, audits, authoritative sources and external systems. By having everything centralized, correlated and connected, the platform enables organizations to see dependencies and to make smarter business decisions. Empowering companies of all sizes to efficiently and effectively manage their IT asset risk and compliance.
Asset management solution with industry-specific editions for manufacturing, healthcare, oil&gas, hospitality, and public sector. Asset management solution with industry-specific editions for manufacturing, healthcare, oil&gas, hospitality, and public sector.
AMPRO allows the structuring of your assets (plant, equipment, vehicles etc) in an organised and logical manner. Prepare and document maintenance history, schedule work that needs to be done on a routine basis, prepare unscheduled jobs that need to be carried out, and record work already completed. Recording the information will assist you in managing and maintaining your assets in the future including budgeting and labour requirements. Asset maintenance management software with familiar Microsoft Outlook style interface and seamlessly integrated modules.
HarmonyPSA supports the entire business lifecycle, from lead generation to contract renewal. It is designed and built specifically for software and services businesses, automating business functions in a single platform, available from the cloud on any device. The next generation of PSA tool. Complete professional services automation package for software and services businesses.
Asset Infinity is one of the leading asset tracking & management software widely used in various industries by a multitude of brands. It is an asset tracking and management software, hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services with 99.9% of uptime guaranteed. It facilitates you with asset tracking, inventory management, preventive maintenance, complaints/ticketing/breakdown maintenance, depreciation management & resource allocation management to replace old ways with a new experience. Track, Assign, Service, Maintain, Check-in/out & Discard assets with alerts, reminders & emails to streamline your asset management.
JDisc Discovery automatically creates the IT documentation for your network and detects all common operating systems (including HP-UX, Solaris and AIX). The IT documentation includes detailed hardware and software information, IP Networks, Windows domains and Active Directory installations. JDisc's vision is to make your IT documentation as current and complete as possible. A network inventory and documentation software that collects software and hardware details from all kind of devices on your net.
Rosmiman IWMS is a Facility Management & Real Estate Management software designed to control and manage the entire real estate and facilities life cycle, including maintenance planning and control, mobile solutions and integration with CAD, GIS, BIM and financial systems. We offer a comprehensive Asset Management software suite that has been designed and programmed to easily cover all your organizations real estate portfolio maintenance and management needs regardless of its industry or size. Rosmiman IWMS is a Facility Management & Real Estate Management software, characterized by its robustness and high reliability.
Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager (RAM) is a fully integrated system that combines the functions of an EAM, CMMS and CCMS into one solution that is purpose-built for Life Sciences. Depending on your needs, you can implement it as a full-scale EAM or a single point CMMS or CCMS. With Blue Mountain RAM, you can choose from a custom configuration or a template solution with all the work done for you. We have a solution for any budget. An integrated system that combines the functions of an EAM, CMMS and CCMS into one solution that's purpose-built for Life Sciences.
GLPi is an open source ITSM and Service Desk Software that allows your organization to enhance its IT infrastructure, optimize its staff productivity & cut costs! GLPi features a web-based interface that enables you to build your own database: multi-user support, multi-location use, multilingual management, etc. Its core functionalities provide Knowledge base, Inventory (manual or automatic), Software deployment, Problem, Incident, Request, Change, Release & Asset Management. ITIL compliant. Web-based Open Source ITSM and Service Desk Software. It provides automatic inventory, software deployment & ITIL compatible Helpdesk.
Novo Asset Management Software, on the SharteNet Platform, is an extremely flexible Asset Tracking Solution! Our solution allows workers to easily view and update assets in the office or out in the field (from their Smart Phones or Tablets). It is cloud based so it can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. You can even use your Smart Phone to scan bar codes to lookup assets. Powerful reporting included. Available for an affordable annual subscription - contact us to learn more. Tracks PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, equipment, machines, furniture and more for better asset control. Cloud Based. Mobile Ready
The StealthAUDIT Management Platform is the backbone of the STEALTHbits product line. Its open architecture, small footprint, and powerful collection capabilities ensure that our products are flexible enough to provide value in any IT environment. Agent-less data collection. Powerful analysis tools. Bulk remediation.
OptiTune is a cloud based solution that lets you manage the PCs in your organization. Deploy apps, install updates, check for malware, view performance data, and perform a complete hardware and software inventory with OptiTune. You can also provide remote assistance to end users through OptiTune's built in Remote Assistance feature. It's free for your first year (for up to 10 computers), and only $3/computer per month otherwise. A cloud based solution that lets you manage the PCs in your organization. Deploy apps, provide remote assistance, and more.
A network documentation tool that automatically documents the configuration of your IT infrastructure. XIA Configuration creates an inventory of your operating systems, application servers, and infrastructure including AD, Azure, Exchange, VMware, HyperV, Citrix, and more. It automates the auditing of these different technologies in a single, unified web interface including reporting, analysis, and change tracking. It is used across the globe in finance, legal, technology, government, and more. A network documentation tool that automatically documents the configuration of your IT infrastructure including change tracking.
IT Asset Management Software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT infrastructure via a modern and intuitive web-based interface. Key features include Automated Inventory, Network Discovery, Software Deployment & Metering, License Management and Financial tracking. Count on reliable, precise and updated information about your software and hardware assets to maximize ROI and decrease TCO. Enjoy rapid, autonomous, hassle free implementation; typically in less than 4 hours! IT Asset Management software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT Assets via a modern and intuitive interface.
IT Asset Management Software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT infrastructure via a modern and intuitive web-based interface. Key features include Automated Inventory, Network Discovery, Software Deployment & Metering, License Management and Financial tracking. Count on reliable, precise and updated information about your software and hardware assets to maximize ROI and decrease TCO. Enjoy rapid, autonomous, hassle free implementation; typically in less than 4 hours! Software de gestión de activos de TI con todas las funcionalidades que necesitas para el control de tu infraestructura.
IT Asset Management Software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT infrastructure via a modern and intuitive web-based interface. Key features include Automated Inventory, Network Discovery, Software Deployment & Metering, License Management and Financial tracking. Count on reliable, precise and updated information about your software and hardware assets to maximize ROI and decrease TCO. Enjoy rapid, autonomous, hassle free implementation; typically in less than 4 hours! IT Asset Management software. Powerful, comprehensive and feature rich control of IT Assets via a modern and intuitive interface.
SanerNow provides continuous visibility and control for all endpoints. It proactively remediates risks and detects and responds to threats. SanerNow combines endpoint vulnerability, patch and compliance management with endpoint threat detection and response into one easy to manage solution. SanerNow creates computer security software for proactively managing endpoint computer risks.
Flexera is the established global leader in Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software license management and license compliance solutions that optimize the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle. Flexera manages and optimizes enterprise software regardless of location, from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud. We give mid
C2 ATOM is an integrated service & asset management software designed for organizations looking to provide highly refined quality service delivery. Its also an ITIL-ready and codeless service desk built for reaching your ultimate automation potential and operating best-in-class ticketing. C2 ATOM also supports asset management through a robust CMDB, tracking and measuring with relationships and impact analysis. Service & asset management software designed for reaching your ultimate automation potential and operating best-in-class ticke
Our IT Asset Management system + Incident management+ Mobile APP + Automatic Warranty check + Forecasting + Threshold + Supplier Management is a wonderful software for your IT team, Finance, HR, Admin to manage licenses, consumables, assets, users and incidents. Tool is built in advance laravel and have smart features to manage your asset and license system on the go. Web-based Asset Management software that helps you monitor and manage assets in your organization.
Prey is a software and online platform for mobile device tracking, management, and protection available for laptops, tablets, and mobiles. The software and service are developed by the Chilean company Prey Inc. Prey is a mobile security, management and data protection platform for both enterprises and personal use, developed by Prey Inc.
You cannot effectively manage your IT assets until you can see ahttps://resources.vnd know everything about them and the relationships that connect them to each other, your users, and your services. Virima IT Asset Management (ITAM) incorporates Virima Discovery, and is designed to deliver and maintain complete knowledge about your assets, their configurations, and their interconnections. Virima delivers the visibility and control you need for successful management of your entire IT environment. Why settle for IT asset management when you really need IT asset knowledge? Virima ITAM delivers the insight IT organizations crave.
Easily track all assets in your facilities with Asset Track. Record supplier and user information. Know where the asset is located. Scan manufacturer barcodes or produce barcode labels directly from Asset Track. Track condition and location of your fixed assets Track depreciating values of fixed and IT assets Link assets to borrower and track movement Manage asset maintenance records View activity logs and reports Easily track all assets in your facilities with Asset Track. Record supplier and user information. Know where the asset is located.
Our technology and solutions solve the challenge of maintaining asset and inventory information, and keeping it up to date throughout the assets entire lifecycle. Our clients value our real-time location solutions and automated solutions that have significantly eliminated inaccuracies from manual scans. We have provided solutions across industries (finance, education, IT, government, and more) and executed for companies of all sizes, including Fortune 100 companies across multiple continents. IT Asset Management lifecycle solutions that offer visual representations of your assets. Cloud based web and mobile solutions.
Open source IT management software with user management, EULAs, license management. Open source IT management software with user management, EULAs, license management.
NetZoom focuses on providing software solutions for data center professionals helping them to model, monitor, manage, access and control Physical, Virtual and Cloud IT Infrastructure, along with Facility Infrastructure to create the source of truth with an emphasis on capacity analysis and optimizing power, space and cooling to achieve increased server utilization, virtualization and power density to attain desired power usage effectiveness (PUE) and other optimization goals. Model, monitor, manage, access and control Physical, Virtual and Cloud IT Infrastructure to increase server utilization and workflow.
A proven ITSM software with the sophistication to support the most complex ITIL requirements but with the simplicity, agility, and mobility required to make ITSM easy to use and easy to deliver. Reduce ITSM costs by up to 50% with codeless configuration, smart automation, and out-of-the-box ITIL processes. Get the enterprise features you need to run IT like a business, including multilingual support, IT Asset and Financial Management, and advanced reporting analytics. A proven ITSM software with the sophistication to support the most complex ITIL requirements but with easy to use simplicity.
Streamline Audits your entire organization's software licenses by normalizing, categorizing, and automatically identifying license types using your SCCM or other inventory data. Easily identify Auditable vs free and open source. Streamline differentiates Office Suites from standalone office apps. Automatically finds license deficits, de-duplicates multiple installs and applies product use rights and downgrade rights. Free trial for unlimited users! Streamline cleanses SCCM data & other tools delivering a web-based dashboard to identify license position for Microsoft & others.
Asset Vision is a SaaS-based IT asset discovery, normalization and usage metering solution that provides a fast and accurate basis for both targeted cost savings and ongoing cost management. Asset Vision gathers highly granular usage data to identify software that is underutilized or entirely unused. Asset Vision uses the latest cloud technologies to bring you a future-proof and cost-effective platform. IT asset discovery and usage metering solution that provides a fast and accurate basis to reduce costs throughout an organization.
The Asset Management module allows your company to optimize your spend on assets and maximize your return-on-investment out of existing and future assets. By ensuring the proper utilization and maintenance of all your assets, you can get the most out of them in terms of productivity and profitability. With our cloud capabilities, asset management becomes hassle-free, remotely manageable and smooth with access to the latest technologies and zero IT cost and downtimes. Get automated. TYASuite Asset Management tracking and automated alerts over a mobile App, and make asset management easy, quick & Efficient.
Complete ITAM solution for effective management of the enterprise containing a suite of easy-to-use tools for managing and supporting IT assets across a Corporate or School network. Manage all hardware and software inventories within your organization with easy-to-read dashboards and custom views. Its new and existing features have been designed to save time, increase productivity, save money, save resources and add extra security to your organization. Complete suite of easy-to-use tools for managing IT assets & endpoints across a Corporate or School network.
vScope is an asset management platform that enables IT professionals to do more with less. Based on the industry-leading network discovery, vScope offers something to every role in the team. - Consolidate documentation of your IT environment Every IT asset in one place. - A self-populating CMDB for IT operations or IT service management. - No more scripting. - IT billing or automated cost analysis. - Customer-specific reporting for MSPs And much, much more... There should never be more than one truth no matter if you are responsible for infrastructure, IT services, support or IT security.
Xensam helps organizations from all over the world to optimize software license deployments and reduce costs by managing software consumption and giving full control over the software and hardware estate. Xensam - Next Generation SAM-tool.
KEYCHEST is an HTTPS expiry management service. No need to install anything for automatic discovery as it has a global database of all public certificates. It also automates renewals and new certificates and optimizes their cost (Comodo, Let's Encrypt, SectiGo, Symantec, GeoTrust, thawte, RapidSSL). Our Small Enterprise plan provides companies with a complete solution to manage internal certificates, including lightweight software agents and smart proxies. KEYCHEST is an HTTPS expiry management service that discovers new certificates in real-time and automates renewals.
CMDBuild is robust, customizable and extensible. Despite of its name, CMDBuild is not only a Modeling Environment for CMDB applications: it manages Configuration Items and their conditions of use within the entire life cycle (processes, business rules, documents, reports, georeferences, interoperability with other systems, etc.). The verticalization CMDBuild READY2USE is a configuration of CMDBuild basic environment, dedicated to the IT Governance management. CMDBuild is an open source web environment for the configuration of custom applications for the Asset Management.
A unified endpoint management and security solution that simplifies managing your workplace devices. It delivers asset management; IT policy management; employee monitoring; automated software updates; endpoint protection with antivirus/malware. A unified asset management, endpoint protection and security solution that simplifies managing your workplace devices and data.

IT Asset Management Software Buyers Guide

What is IT asset management software?

IT asset management (ITAM) software facilitates business-wide inventory and lifecycle management of software and hardware assets. ITAM software helps businesses with maintenance history, user permissions, acquisition budget forecasting, and software license compliance.

The benefits of IT asset management software

  • Maximize value of IT assets: ITAM software helps measure and monitor the value of your business’ IT assets. With accurate IT asset valuation, you can make better investment decisions. On the flip side, you can stop paying for software and hardware licenses with lower returns on investment.
  • Improve service levels: Effective ITAM software utilization lets administrators reduce time spent on manual overheads and focus instead on important service requests. With real-time predictive analytics reports, IT teams can proactively create automation tools to remove vulnerabilities, minimize risk, and reduce service requests.
  • Protect assets and support compliance: With digital workplace initiatives like bring your own device (BYOD) gaining popularity, tracking unauthorized devices and reducing asset misuse is increasingly difficult. ITAM software can detect unauthorized tools or applications and alert IT managers to take corrective action and reduce associated risks.

Typical features of IT asset management software

  • Asset tracking: Monitor, control, and manage documentation for all IT assets. Advanced solutions include real-time asset monitoring and diagnostic tools to track new devices.
  • Inventory management: Create a centralized repository to monitor and store all important IT asset data. Also tracks the complete lifecycle of IT assets.
  • Audit management: Scrutinize IT assets to evaluate risk and generate reports and metrics to identify any issues.
  • Compliance tracking: Track renewal and expiration dates of all licenses and notify IT managers of all regulatory changes.
  • Supplier management: Link purchase invoices and manage vendors from a centralized platform to reduce redundancies and streamline operations.

Considerations when purchasing IT asset management software

  • Mobile capabilities: In today’s digital age, employees are mostly mobile and often work from remote locations. Businesses expect their IT teams to respond swiftly to service requests and minimize downtime. Therefore, it is essential that IT teams be responsive while working remotely. If your employees travel frequently, look for ITAM software that is compatible with mobile browsers or offer iOS and Android applications.
  • Total cost of ownership: Finding the right ITAM solution within your budget can be a daunting task. ITAM software solutions offer varied pricing models that make direct comparison a bit tough. Common pricing models for ITAM solutions are tiered pricing, pay-per-user, and pay-per-node. Buyers should calculate the total cost of a solution before making a purchase decision, including features costs, licensing fees, integration costs, number of users, and support.
  • Adoption of artificial intelligence (AI): Gartner predicts that over the next few years, all software applications will incorporate artificial intelligence in some way. AI-backed tools such as chatbots will handle service requests and other mundane tasks. AI tools will also help reduce the workloads of IT administrators by creating incident tickets and guiding users to relevant knowledge management resources to resolve their issues.
  • ITAM strategies will incorporate physical devices: Adoption of the internet of things among small and midsize businesses is increasing at a fast pace. As more smart assets are added to IT networks, businesses must begin viewing them as a key component of their IT infrastructure.