Explore alternatives to HR Partner that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following HR Partner alternatives to see if there are any HR Partner competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

BambooHR features integrated applicant tracking (ATS) as part of our award-winning cloud-based HR information software package. Learn more about BambooHR
Kronos Workforce Ready is a full HCM suite of automated and scalable tools that integrates HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more.
Cloud payroll, HR core, recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance, succession, remuneration, rostering, surveys, rewards & more.
One-stop solution for HR in small and medium-sized companies: full customizability, European data privacy, excellent customer service. Learn more about Personio
Ascentis offers powerful but easy-to-use, full-suite HCM software for mid-sized, U.S.-based businesses.
Unlock the full potential of your workforce with an award-winning end-to-end integrated Payroll and Human Capital Management Solution.
Recruitment, Onboarding & Talent Management all in one flexible and intuitive platform.
Crosstalent HRMS Solution Manage your HR processes in a modular way and connected to all of your other business applications.
WebHR is everyone's favorite and a global leader in Cloud HR - Helps you manage the most important asset in your company - your People!
CakeHR by Sage is an award-winning HR management solution that simplifies HR. Learn more about CakeHR
BizRun is a cloud-based HRIS solution. Key modules include Core HR, Attendance tracking, Timekeeping, Onboarding, and Payroll.
Expert level implementation & support team for Workforce Ready - a cloud-based platform that handles everything from hire to retire.
ClearCompany Applicant Tracking is designed to give your hiring team the tools they need to hire the right people quickly.
BerniePortal saves time, cuts the paperwork and revolutionizes how you manage HR.
TalentReef streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset--talent.